Five of Cups

The Fool journeys to the Five of Cups and finds regret, as he mourns the past. Some may say that it's all spilled milk, yet his feelings and pain run deep. His focus here, again, is on the past. The Three of Cups' fun and laughter are now overturned, and he knows he can't refill them. The past is gone. He is not ready to heal, so he finds tears and remorse to keep him company. When he is ready, with acceptance, he will be able to take the other two cups and move on, as often this is not the end, but a bump in the road.

We can feel lost here, regretting actions, words, and events that have left us with a loss that is felt deeply and emotionally.

Here we are, disappointed and full of regret, even guilt and sorrow. Circumstances have changed. Relationships have suffered as a result of actions, arguments, and disagreements ranging from lovers' squabbles to massive schisms and situations that did not play out as expected. We are left with feelings of loss and remorse, grieving over what has been lost.

Sadness can keep us stuck in the past, hurt, and tearful. Yet it can often be temporary, as there is more to gain from the situation that is causing unhappiness.

You may not feel it just yet, but the future will be ready and waiting once the grief has passed. Repairs can be made, apologies can be accepted, lessons can be learned, and losses can be overcome. Situations may not be the same after all, as we have seen things in their true colours, or in the raw, but we will move on.

Feel it; you will know when you’re ready to start the repair work or pick things up again.


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Thank you a lot for this, I really appreciate it. I feel like now I can finally put things to bed in my head and focus on my little one and bringing her into the world. You’ve answered everything, and helped me finally move on to the next part of my life. Thank you again!Cherry x


PAM what can I say I gave you a very complex question and you got everything spot on about my situation. It all made sense and the accuracy was superb. I thank you so much for such an amazing reading love and light


I recently did a reading with Pam and was very happy with her insight. She was very accurate and was able to help bring clarity and minimize doubts about some recent changes in my life. I would absolutely book another reading and look forward to reading with her again.


I wanted to take a moment to appreciate Pam Richards for the incredible reading I received from her. Pam is thoughtful, thorough, and extremely insightful. I received the guidance that I needed, right when I needed it. Thank you, Pam!

D. Vincent.

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