Five of Cups

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A bit about the Five of Cups

As The Fool travels he now finds regret. He mourns for the past, & while some may say that it's all spilt milk, his feelings & pain run deep. His focus here, again, is on the past. Those Three cups are now overturned & he knows he cannot save them. The past is gone. He is not ready to heal, so finds tears & remorse to keep him company. When he is ready, with acceptance, he will be able to take the other two cups & move on, as often this is not the end, but a bump in the road.


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I seek Pam's guidance frequently when I'm unsure how best to proceed. She has such a wonderful connection to the cards and always sees things and explains the cards separately and as a whole. Her insight has been spot on in the past. All types of relationships can be complicated at times. She helps me navigate those relationships more confidently knowing I'm on the right path. I highly recommend Pam!


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