The Spilt Liquid in the Five of Cups

The Spilt Liquid in the Five of Cups

Added at 11:52 on 07 December 2021

If you have studied the Five of Cups imagery within the Rider Waite Smith deck, you may have noticed that from the three overturned cups is red and green liquid on the ground.

The three cups knocked over shows us that their contents have been spilt, which is why it can be common to see ‘crying over spilt milk’ associated with this card.

Flowing from two of them is blood, and from the other is a green liquid.

The blood from the pair, shows a relationship upset and a loss. It shows the pain of the heart and emotions being turned upside down.

The green is linked to envy and jealousy which can bring bitterness. The green can also be linked to the Heart Chakra and show a deeper emotional and spiritual pain.

The red and green spilt on the ground show loss, regret, passions spilt over, and which have caused grief, guilt, and shame.  Spilling onto the ground they will soak in they will not be able to be placed back into the cups, they are there to be seen and felt, showing what needs to be fixed or accepted.

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