Five of Cups: Regret

Five of Cups: Regret

Added at 11:19 on 12 May 2021

Five of Cups & Regret

Taking this card always reminds us that there is hope, if not for a full repair of a situation, then for things to start again on a new level. For example, an intimate relationship break, now being a friendship.  There is always more to come with the Five of Cups.

It plunges us into grief, we mourn the loss of what has gone from our lives. At time this is just spilt milk, as is often mentioned with this card, & other times the losses are far deeper. Yet life does go on, when we are ready, we can take the remaining Two Cups & work on repairing the emotional side of life.

If this post calls to you today, & you’re reading this with any level of regret over something in your life, sit with it & know that regret is just loss wrapped up in a lousy emotion which holds you back. We can regret what we have said, done, or even not said & done. Events can go, over & over in our minds, twisting us in knots, yet they offer little in the way of healing. Now is not the time to run from your feelings, but more to understand them so you can move on.

Five of Cups

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