The Star within The Hermit

The Star within The Hermit

Added at 14:37 on 24 May 2021

When you look at The Hermit card, not just within the Rider Waite Smith deck but most depictions of the card, you will see that within his lantern is a star.

The Hermit is one who seeks, by personal choice or force, peace of mind. It is a card of searching for answers, deep personal insights, an understanding and an acceptance of life. It can be a very isolating card that brings grief and challenges our perception of ourselves and our entire world.

While both The Hermit and The Star hold a lot more insights, we can see that by having The Star’s card energy within The Hermit's lantern, there is also a lot of hope within the card regardless of the grief it holds.

The Star is a positive card that offers healing, which The Hermit seeks. It is a card that shows springtime, in contrast to The Hermits' winter, a time for renewal, fresh changes, and optimism. Often, we cannot feel The Stars' feelings of relief, wonder, and reconnection to life unless we have been denied it, as with The Hermit. It shows The Hermit that an end to struggle and to searching for peace is possible.

If you’re ever faced with The Hermit card, entrenched in its energy, look to The Star card for some peace of mind, as The Hermit is a 'phase' energy, not somewhere to stay. Seasons change.

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