17 - The Star

The Fool journeys to The Star and brings healing—physically, mentally, and emotionally. The Fool can now feel hopeful as life regains its sense of purpose and direction. You can dare to dream with The Star, as a bad time is behind you. The Fool finds solutions to his problems and is filled once again with faith in life, as potential is once again seen and felt, and he counts his blessings.

Here we find harmony, which often comes after a time of stress and worry, and if you find that this repose, this peace, has yet to enter your issues, it is not far away. Our minds are liberated by The Star, leaving us filled with relief, inspired, and open to new things in our lives.

Here we feel the blocks, barriers and hurdles dissolved, as problems fall away, and we can see a way forward. We leave winter, a time of loss, depression, anxiety, and upheaval, and enter spring, a time when we can feel renewed and reinvested in what matters with hope, and our minds liberated as new feelings emerge and grow after a time of limitations.

Our minds can fill with positive thoughts; luck is good; wishes can be granted; and new possibilities can be seen, felt, and taken. Both the mind and the body heal with The Star, so expect to feel better, have a spring in your step, and feel light.

The Star turns on a light within our minds, illuminating the dark corners and allowing us to see a way forward.

Now, at this point, we feel that we can carry on.


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Testimonials - Clients Kind Words

My reading today with Pam was so amazing. I gained such insight and clarity into my situation and I feel so much more confident to move forward. Thank you so much!!!!


thank you so much for that pam. xx you are totally on the right path, love light and blessings to you. truly gifted. xx Jackie


Pam gave m a very clear and direct reading, delivering the message with a great deal of conviction and kindness. Very appreciated for the situation I am in! Give the circumstances and that I am the one in them myself, I’d have to agree that she is right in her assessment.

E x

Thank you for the reading Hi PamThank you so much for the reading.From start to finish you were supportive and helped me in deciding which was the best reading,without pushing me into either.The reading itself was easy to read and understand and with dates/times.I look forward to see how everything pans out...thank you again.Gail

Gail A

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