18 - The Moon

The Fool journeys to The Moon, and once again, The Fool finds himself stuck on his journey. The Moon blinds him to facts; he is not able to trust his inner voice and is confused by what his mind shows him. He is unsure of others and does not trust his own intuition as the eclipsed moon creates shadows, blocking out sunlight. Nothing seems what it is at face value, and as The Fool digs for answers, he finds no clarity. Led by deep-seated fears, he may find himself in a cycle that could lead him astray if he follows his ideas and thoughts.

Confusion reigns, and we cannot see what is real through the fog within our minds.

The Moon tickles our insecurities, tugs at our deep-seated fears, and brings us inaccuracies in how we perceive the world about us. We can lose sight of reality and feel dazed and confused within our own thoughts.

We have entered a phase of uncertainty. It may feel like it will last forever and seem never-ending but remember that it is only a phase. We find ourselves in the unknown, both emotionally and mentally, with our minds taking us to places we fear. We may feel consumed by irrational thoughts that contain no truths or half-truths because nothing is visible in daylight right now.

Old anxieties rise up and blind us, clouding reality, but all that is happening is an overstimulated mind, leading to confusion, fantasy, and delusions. Avoid making decisions based on how you feel; doing so would result in a decision based on whisps of emotions and thoughts.

Right now is not the best time to follow our intuition, as it could well be our fears masquerading.


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I am LOVING this incredible book! (Understanding Tarot) It is so full of in-depth, accessible, brilliant information, easy to read, straightforward, myth-dispelling, and perfect even for a beginner like me. I can’t imagine ever needing another tarot book…Thank you Pam for publishing this book now - just when I need it!

Liz Sharp

Thanks so much Pam. I honestly feel like you just said to me what I already knew in my heart (but haven't wanted to accept).


Thank you. Hi Pam,I waited to send you a message but I do want to thank you first for such a beautiful reading.Thank you again for your guidance and your reading. It resonated so much!


I received my copy (of Understanding Tarot) this week and already this is my favourite Tarot reference book. Such detailed descriptions of all the cards both upright and reversed but can also be dipped into easily for a quick check to see if you’re on the right path. This is a wonderful book….massive congratulations Pam Richards

Charlotte Gray

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