18 - The Moon

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A bit about The Moon

Once again, The Fool finds himself stuck on his journey. The Moon blinds him to facts, he is not able to trust his inner voice & is confused by what his mind shows him. He is unsure of others, & does not trust his own intuition as the eclipsed moon creates shadows, blocking out sunlight. Nothing seems what it is at face value, & as The Fool digs for answers he finds no clarity. Led by deep-seated fears he may find himself in a cycle which could lead him astray if he follows his ideas & thoughts.


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I came back to Pam for insight into a long standing difficult family situation. I was hopeful things might finally improve but it's not in the cards yet and deep down I think I knew it. I appreciate Pam's honesty and detailed responses. She clarifies why situations exist as they are and also lets me know possibilities moving forward. She doesn't sugar coat the readings but is very compassionate when answering my questions. Her readings have been very accurate. Highly recommend! Thank you again Pam.


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