18 - The Moon

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Once again, The Fool finds himself stuck on his journey. The Moon blinds him to facts, he is not able to trust his inner voice & is confused by what his mind shows him. He is unsure of others, & does not trust his own intuition as the eclipsed moon creates shadows, blocking out sunlight. Nothing seems what it is at face value, & as The Fool digs for answers he finds no clarity. Led by deep-seated fears he may find himself in a cycle which could lead him astray if he follows his ideas & thoughts.


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Thank you. What a wonderful reading from Pam. So informative. It showed a new way forward into a long outstanding 20 year dispute that has no doubt taken its toll on all our health. The relationship problem has had me baffled for so long. The answer was so simple, I just never spotted it and how to make it work. One was funny. Switching off lights and TV when not in use. 31st of the month arrived. - 3 times I have asked in the last 3 days for you do what I have asked over 25 years and I am just ignored. I pay that bill. So now you pay me £50.00 for wasted electric each month. Yes he was angry when he saw I meant business. He paid and runs to switch off lights and TV in case he is charged again. My health having no miracles was a but sad but I am still striving ahead to help myself back onto my feet and able to do things for myself again. So thank you Pam, your help and guidance was amazing.

Elizabeth Hickey

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