9 - The Hermit

The Fool journeys to The Hermit as he progresses through his journey, and The Fool realises that it’s ok to be alone. He seeks his own company and solitude to recharge and find solutions, as well as to find acceptance and heal. Contemplation is required, and now is the time for him to rely on himself. He may feel alone for a while, but here he finds that he needs to be true to himself while he looks within for the wisdom he needs to find.

We can feel alone, filled with a deep searching need for understanding, discretion, and compassion for an issue or even life as a whole, and find that answers need to come from some time in contemplation.

We can retreat to our own caves, those inner spaces where we can find peace and stillness while we figure out what is going on or what needs to be done. Some mindful or even meditative time is needed, or even forced, to allow you to go inward and find personal truths.

We are not stuck when we find ourselves here; we are simply searching. We sit within, waiting for a light to shine on the truths we seek. Progress may be slow, but mentally, we are seeking solutions and resolving inner conflicts.

Deep down, here we can seek to see our own potential, looking deep within for personal help, advice, growth, and insights into our true selves or the situations that life may have made us feel flung into or lost within.

Reality surrounds us, and that can be harsh. We can mourn what has been taken from us, and we can feel every inch of any pain we find ourselves contemplating. We could be in this situation by choice, with a need to recharge and understand, or by force, where we need to find our feet.

The Hermit offers us no quick solutions; do not fight where you are or try to rush through it.


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The Star Within The Hermit

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Testimonials - Clients Kind Words

Would recommend her definitely.Thank you! Thank you again Pam! Great reader spot on with my current energies .Sees my situation very clearly and was able to guide me in the right direction.


Thank you Pam! Not only did Pam send me a reading quickly, it was very thorough. I feel like she just got me. She also was extremely specific and Even used phrasing that was very specific to me. She wrote Things I’ve said verbatim to others about where my head is at. Pam definitely didn’t tell me what I wanted to hear, she told what I’ve been avoiding to accept. She’s the real deal. Thank you Pam.

A. L

Thank you Pam Pam did a couple of readings for me, which were accurate and insightful, enabling me to make decisions about my way forward feeling more confident about the future. Looking back everything she said made sense and was really valuable ! Pam has been generous with her time and extra explanations when needed, empathetic while truthful and I can feel the loving care through her work. Thank you Pam , hope to talk with you more as life unfolds.


I wanted to take a moment to appreciate Pam Richards for the incredible reading I received from her. Pam is thoughtful, thorough, and extremely insightful. I received the guidance that I needed, right when I needed it. Thank you, Pam!

D. Vincent.

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