8 - Strength

The Fool journeys to Strength, and after the stress of The Chariot, our Fool realises a need for calmness in the face of fears. The inner beast that lies within us needs to be soothed, not rejected or battled with, and so he finds that being gentle with himself is a must. He sees the dangers in his life and how his reaction to them stems from within. He develops a quiet inner confidence to deal with his problems. Now is a time for mind over matter, a time to control instincts and urges so that energy is channelled towards a positive end. The Fool finds strength of mind and conquers any fears he may have. 

Within Strength, we find that having control over our personalities and egos is worthwhile and is best done with a gentle and loving hand. When confronted with our problems, now is the time for calm, pure motives, and having zero fear of the problems and issues we are dealing with—a time to allow our self-confidence to shine through, not in a bolshy but in a serene manner.

Our inner beast can rear its head, and we may find it difficult to remain calm in the face of problems. Yet the need to soothe, accept, and control with a passive hand is very needed right now. If we allow our inner beast to roar, it can kill, destroy, and create havoc with those things in our lives that need love, care, and understanding, be that a real-life situation or something you’re dealing with from within.

To be strong, and to make sure that we are not controlled by what lies within us can require courage. Grace is needed; we benefit from focusing on the present and not allowing the fears within to act.

Now is a time for self-compassion; do not display what your inner, angry, scared, or frustrated self may wish to act on.

You can cope; you are far stronger than you think you are. 


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Testimonials - Clients Kind Words

Pam is a very intuitive gifted reader!! My reading was very accurate and spot on! She really has a gift!!! Thank you for your insight Pam!!!


guidance This is my second reading and I want to thank Pam for the guidance that eases my worries. I've said before that sometimes someone outside the situation can give you a different perspective and help guide you through difficult days. I feel Pam understands and rebalances my difficulties.


Thank you Pam. Your reading was very accurate. And enlightening. And well worth the price. I have gotten there readings. Again thank you.

Lisa Garrick

Pam once again has given me an amazing thorough reading filled with wisdom and compassion. Her readings are always incredibly accurate. I highly recommend Pam!


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