7 - The Chariot

The Fool journeys to The Chariot and finds stress. For the very first time, he may feel it all as a bit of a struggle to stay in control. Events may well be fast-moving and seem out of his control. But as the charioteer, he needs to stay focused to flow with the road he has chosen or finds himself on. A firm hand is needed to control the horses; they are opposing energies and would love to go their own way, which would cause a lot more stress than staying in control does. He will have a safe arrival with the right effort. Now is about movement, and his efforts will be needed to keep things on track.

We can find a whole load of stress and tension here in The Chariot; movement is felt, and we find that we need some endurance to stay in the driving seat! We must proceed despite difficulties or problems.

We can feel pulled in different directions, with all seeming to be relevant, yet neither is relevant right now as we just have to carry on! We meet these opposing forces, opposites, and differences, and they can be real issues and options or aspects of our own personality or ego, but we must stay true to the path we are on if we wish to stay in control and have an outcome that benefits us.

We must accept whatever changes The Chariot brings us; we can only succeed if we remain focused, no matter how difficult things become. Confidence is called for, as are a clear mind, maturity, and inner strength to help with the chaos that we can feel deep within us.

We need to stay in control of a situation even if we feel that we have little, as now is about how we steer things and keep hold of the reins. We may disagree with our situation, and even if it was not your fault, how you deal with it will determine the outcome. Stay focused on your goal. If you jump out of The Chariot, put on the breaks, or pull over, you may lose the situation. You are here for the duration of the ride, however long and tricky it may be.

"Keep your arms and legs inside the ride at all times."


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Testimonials - Clients Kind Words

Thank you Thank you Pam. I have read several times and it helps a lot.Again thank for your kind words and your help!Cristina


Hi Pam - a wonderful tarot reading, thank you! It does have some meaning for me, as this year holds many changes at work, and I need to have patience with what I want in the future. Looks like a good year ahead for me!

Leonie Wilson

guidance This is my second reading and I want to thank Pam for the guidance that eases my worries. I've said before that sometimes someone outside the situation can give you a different perspective and help guide you through difficult days. I feel Pam understands and rebalances my difficulties.


I had 2 readings done by Pam. She was very accurate. I was pleased with both readings. If you need answers let Pam do you a reading. You won't be disappointed.

Lisa Garrick

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