6 - The Lovers

The Fool travels to The Lovers, where he encounters sexual love, intimate relationships, and major decisions. He finds that what he is attracted to in life often calls for a major decision to be made. Choices arrive in our lives that will direct the future, so he knows he must think carefully. The heart calls us into action, and once a path has been chosen, there may be no turning back. He faces making the right choice in either love or life.

We find that decisions, choices, and options are at play when we find The Lovers. While we may be confronted with issues of love, intimacy, and issues related to an intimate relationship, at its core, we are confronted with options in which the former may not be an issue or in which the two may be combined. With the issue of relationships, it can simply be shown that a relationship in your life is a focus, or should be.

If a relationship is front and centre in your mind, we can feel the need to deal with an issue, which may be best dealt with. When we are single, it can show that love is on our minds and that love is in the air or developing, forming in the energy around us.

We can feel confusion with this card, as with any that require a choice. Which way, this or that? We can feel tempted, pulled in by an issue, or desire for something that would mean a major choice if we reached for it, and so we need to listen to the heart yet take the mind with us as decisions need to be made carefully.

At this time, discretion should be used; now is not the time to rush in where angels fear to tread simply because the heart desires something or someone. A crossroads appears, and we need to calm what is pushing us and be careful with such challenges at a time when we may be fuelled by passion and feel inspired.

If you make a bad decision, it can have a hefty impact on our lives, so be careful as it may be a difficult one to rectify. 


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Testimonials - Clients Kind Words

Hi Pam. Many thanks for this. It really resonates with me. Blessings, Cath x


Thank you so much!
You are always so accurate and you have a way of explaining things.

My reading had bad news for me (again) but I am glad that you are helping me to understand the situation and do what’s best for me!

I hope next time we have something more positive to talk about.

Once again, thank you x


I really recommend her 100%. Pam's reading has been so helpful to me! In profesional or love matters, she always has cleared up my head and help me to give me that push I needed.


Thank you Pam! You have settled me. Thank you very much!


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