Ace of Pentacles

The Fool journeys now to the Ace of Pentacles as he leaves the action and ideas of the Wands, the emotions of the Cups, and the fight of the Swords, and now finds the calmness of the Pentacles with their down-to-earth nature. The Ace of Pentacles is offered, gifting to him a chance for security, both financial and emotional. Help is on its way via generosity and an opportunity that should be used well. He feels grounded, content, and confident that he can move forward with his plans as long as practical assistance is provided. 

We find a time of good luck or help of a financial, practical, or material nature coming our way. This can come in the form of a reward for our efforts, a gift, or some other wonderful, unforeseen lucky break.

If your physical or mental health has been a little off, expect a boost and to feel better.

A lovely seed of good fortune can come our way that will need tending, as with all Aces, the outcome of which is not guaranteed, and here we can find something that needs care to become more, but it has the potential of a pentacle, which brings prosperity, security, life, health, and positivity. So here is a real chance to make something of the gift in whatever form it takes, even if it’s only for pleasure.

You may find that you’re standing at the start of a pathway that will lead to success, so stay practical and be dedicated.  

Career or work opportunities can be in the air, money can be coming your way, and rewards and incentives could present themselves.

Get the watering can out and take care of what comes your way!


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Testimonials - Clients Kind Words

Brilliant as always. I have now had 3 readings with Pam over the past few years. I can honestly say that she is by far the best iv seen. So spot on with everything in all 3. You will not be disappointed at the level of accuracy! Totally brilliant. Thank you Pam again for my reading. x


My reading today with Pam was so amazing. I gained such insight and clarity into my situation and I feel so much more confident to move forward. Thank you so much!!!!


I bought this on Kindle ( love the instant availablity) and love using it! I find all the in-depth explanations of the symbolism on each card has been so helpful to me! Yesterday- I look at my daily card (huh here's a guy in a chariot with 2 sphinxes), then read your Chariot discussion-- WOW I was stunned at how much was on the card ! Thank you for making this all available for us.

June Sanim

Thank you Pam for the wonderful reading. It took some time for me to realise to stop what I was doing and embark on my 1st life changing quest. I repeatedly went right round in circles attempting to fall into the same mistakes, the ones I wanted to avoid. Your help in helping me understand what I was doing is a God send. Your an Angel.

Elizabeth Black Hickey

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