Two of Pentacles

The Fool journeys to the Two of Pentacles and learns how to juggle! He knows that he needs to stay flexible as life has its ups and downs. He is busy, multitasking, and going with the flow. He is calm, fully engrossed in his juggling. He may feel he is missing out, but he understands that he cannot drop the coins because he needs to progress in order to achieve.

We need to keep things flowing by keeping the coins or balls in the air! and this can come with a whole lot of satisfaction, calmness, and relaxation as we get on with our routine. We can be content knowing that we are doing our best to maintain the momentum in our lives.

Flexibility is needed; now is not the time to be stubborn, inflexible, or refuse to do what is needed. Here we need to be adaptable, with a willingness to maintain the status quo as life needs to be managed. This can make us feel like life is passing us by, that others are doing better, having more fun, etc., but stay focused and try not to let such thoughts distract you.

You may find that it is not just financial changes that are an issue or a challenge, but anything in your life that presents opposing forces that challenges your life’s balance, such as work and play. Be prepared to take the reins with a sense of humour and quick thinking.

If you’re faced with a decision, weigh up the alternatives to get the best from the situation. 

Brush up on your juggling skills! Don't drop the ball. 


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I just received my reading I was blown away by her accuracy and insight into the emotional dynamics of what is going on in my relationship. She is spot on. I feel the truth in her advice as well, even though I'm scared to act on it, I know deep down it is what is needed. I am so grateful! Thank you so much!


Absolutely love Pam!
I have been going to her every time for advice and guidance for the past 3 years and she is always right! I am grateful that I have found her and can email her for tarrot readings every time I need guidance!


Thank you. Hi Pam,I waited to send you a message but I do want to thank you first for such a beautiful reading.Thank you again for your guidance and your reading. It resonated so much!


I purchased this book a couple of days ago on kindle and so glad I did if, you don’t have this amazing work of art in your life you’re missing out. I’m really enjoying this read and, I will be purchasing the hard copy thisFriday. I need both copy formats in my life… to have with me at all times on my phone as well in my personal home library. I’ve been on my Tarot Journey for the last past 4 1/2 years, and I’ve never came across a book with so much information the way this book is written. I love the way how she broke down the meaning of cards by also including the imagery, astrological as well as the colors without overwhelming the reader with information. She gave us enough to build your confidence the way she described the description of each card like no other Tarot book I read. I didn’t know when; I purchased this book I would be getting a book with jammed packed detail information of each card. I would’ve had to purchase at least three or four different books, with this book …I have everything all in one book talk about money saverrrr. Thanks, to the talented creator !

Shawn Cole

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