King of Swords

The Fool journeys to the King of Swords, and as leader of the army of swords, The Fool finds himself acting with logic, organization, and fact-based fairness. He now has an ethical outlook with high moral standards and aims to do what is needed to maintain fairness. He has no room for mental or emotional clutter and is forceful in his actions, fighting for what is right.

Here we find the need to cut away at anything that needs to be eliminated, especially if it is to reveal the truth or bring clarity, and to fight for what is fair and just. Lead by example and take responsibility for your actions.

What matters here is logic, focus, judgment, and equity. Analyze what needs to be done, what has happened, and what you or another person is doing. Move all emotions out of the way and clarify details and facts, as they are all that matter at this point, within this instance.

Bring order to things in your life; be organised in practicality and in your thinking. Look at morals, ethics, and standards and push for what is "right".

Whatever is on your mind, take it seriously. Conflict may enter your life from someone or from those in authority, and in such cases, do not deviate from the rules. Be committed mentally to all that you do and allow intellect to rule decisions.

Stick to the rules and be unbiased. Only be concerned with the facts.


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Testimonials - Clients Kind Words

Pam read my spread a while back and although the spread and the reading was not good news, it was accurate and on point regarding the situation and helped me move on from it. Thank you


Thank you Pam for the wonderful reading. It took some time for me to realise to stop what I was doing and embark on my 1st life changing quest. I repeatedly went right round in circles attempting to fall into the same mistakes, the ones I wanted to avoid. Your help in helping me understand what I was doing is a God send. Your an Angel.

Elizabeth Black Hickey

I urge you all to buy Pams wonderful insightful book. I did a few months ago and my depth of understanding and knowledge of tarot has grown enormously.

Michele Dickson

I would highly recommend. Thank you soooo much Pam for your warm, insightful, and clearly communicated reading. You provided clear detail into what each card could be interpreted with regards to my question (questions;). So grateful.


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