King of Swords

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As head of the army of swords, The Fool finds himself within the King of Swords energy. King of logic & organisation, & fairness based in facts. He now holds an ethical outlook, with high moral standards & aims to do the what is needed to maintain fairness. He has no room for mental or emotional clutter, & is forceful in his actions, fighting for what is right.


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King of Swords: Air Elemental on Throne


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I’ve had many readings by several different people. Today I had one with Pam.. and it was literally was completely different then any reading I’ve had. I requested a reading today on a very painful issue going on with my children. She has a nurturing and compassionate manner. From the moment I opening my reading I felt connected to Pam. At the end of it I was ready for another to dig deeper into some of my issues. And she suggested I wait a couple days before the next one. I’m biting at the bit to have another one with her. It was very detailed and key points were accrue. I won’t see anyone else from here on out. I appreciated the kindness from her knowing the pain I’m in. She’s amazing !! Thank you Pam.


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