Those Pesky Court Cards

Those Pesky Court Cards

Added at 15:57 on 17 February 2022

Confused by Court Cards?

Court cards can be the nemesis of many a new Tarot student. They were for me!

There are 16 per deck, so 16 personalities to gain insight into.

If you’re interested in Astrology, you can look at them from an Astrological personality perspective, yet if you’re like me that is of no use to you as you have no interest in such.

You can do the same with Numerology and the number order of the card with the deck, yet if you have no insight into Numerology that too will leave you more confused.

Court cards and their numerological place within the tarot deck.

32 Page of Wands

33 Knight of Wands

34 Queen of Wands

35 King of Wands

46 Page of Cups

47 Knight of Cups

48 Queen of Cups

49 King of Cups

60 Page of Swords

61 Knight of Swords

62 Queen of Swords

63 King of Swords

74 Page of Pentacles

75 Knight of Pentacles

76 Queen of Pentacles

77 King of Pentacles

We can also look at colouring within the colouring of the cards, hair colour etc – which is no real use if your deck is limited, and we of course need to understand that the Court Cards are not restricted to their genders or ages. A Page can be an adult, a King a teenage girl. It's all very confusing. 

A method which I found useful was finding one or two references, such as from your life, a book, TV show etc for the personalities of the Court cards, ones which agree or go well and enhance each other.

Then think about those in your life whom you know or have met who encompass those traits, or aspects of them.

I, for a while, had names for them. The Page of Swords was the Little Shit card and to be honest, still is, the King of Swords Reversed was the name of a person I unfortunately know, the Queen of Wands an old friend, the King of Cups a teacher from school etc. You can also match them with TV personalities, characters, anyone which gives you a mental reverence to call up. In time the card will grow and deepen, yet this gives you a way in. Some cards may be harder to attribute someone to than others. One card may be someone you know in a certain mood, or when they did this or that. You can even look within yourself and connect with an aspect of a court cards personality and say, 'I acted that way when this happened, and form a connection. At times these may be feelings or emotions, they may bring images to mind that you can connect to the card. 

Bring these 16 personalities down into your own world and link them to others in your life, and when they arrive in a spread you will have a feel for what type of reaction or interaction to expect. Give it a go!

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