Knight of Swords

The Fool journeys to the Knight of Swords, and charging in, he shows us that we need to batten down the hatches, as a storm is coming. His quick wit and need for mental stimulation, as well as his desire to conquer all he desires, cause spontaneous upheavals. Unrest will be caused by his single-minded views and beliefs. He sees everything as a challenge to confront. Chaos has been brought about, which thankfully will be short-lived.

Here we find chaos! A situation or person that turns things upside down yet passes as quickly as it appears.

We can meet with someone who is impulsive and audacious, seeking experiences of an extreme or dramatic nature, or find ourselves suddenly flung into situations that turn us around and in a spin, or even needing to act in such a way.

How others feel can be neglected with this Knight's input. Someone who knows what they want and aims for it without caring for anyone else, someone with their own agenda causing upset and anxiety, or leaving you with those feelings.

If you wish to know how to "be" right now, be adaptable, ready to grab what you want, spontaneity is a must, and be inquisitive.

If someone seems charming, try to see beyond that, especially if you wish for commitment in any area, as here someone will bore easily and can be cruel with their words and actions, as they are all that matter.

Highly charged emotions will pass, leaving you wondering what the heck has happened. Brush yourself down and carry on.


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Thank you x I just wanted to give you feedback as you were so spot on. Many thanks Pam - as always, you are such a gem xx


Hi Pam,Many thanks for this reading. It was spot on in so many ways - your gift always astounds me.Thank you so much once again xxKelli


I really recommend her 100%. Pam's reading has been so helpful to me! In profesional or love matters, she always has cleared up my head and help me to give me that push I needed.


Thank you Pam. Appreciate your candid insight as always.


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