Page of Swords

The Fool journeys to the Page of Swords and finds the power of words and the pain that they can cause. He learns to wield the truth, or his version of it, to hurtful effect. He is tempered by immaturity and a lack of personal experience, and this lack of experience in handling issues will lead to temper outbursts and tantrums. From the stance of the Page of Swords, he will gain enjoyment from causing conflict. Taking pleasure in gossip and juicy tittle-tattle, if rumours begin, so much the better as he will enjoy watching the show! 

The wind is blowing, and the clouds are gathering as we encounter an immature mind that is as sharp as a tack.

Is a sharp-tongued person being hurtful an issue?

Here we can find that feelings of curiosity, jealousy, entertainment, insecurity, or even hearing half a story cause trouble, and words are used to do that, but often the truth is in or behind the damaging words.

If you wish for your business to remain yours, now is the time to be careful who you speak to and who knows your secrets, feelings, or even your passwords or personal details—anything that could expose you. If you do not wish your dirty laundry to be aired, don’t hang it out, as someone may well react to it and you will not like it.

The urge for deliberate conflict, trouble, and spite is in the air; someone will get a kick out of upsetting another.

Gossip and rumours will be in the air. Do not respond to them or pass them on, and you may even be the victim of such.

Trouble is on its way, challenge it and it will crumble. 


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Testimonials - Clients Kind Words

Pam's tarot & psychic insights e-mail gave me some clarity by signaling the path among my cluster-feelings chaos... I'm still re-reading it and is spot on about the more inner details and depths of my situation just after a general description of it and what worries me... I feel now I have more resources to face my problems and have gained a deeper perspective of them. Thanks Pam! :-)

David L

Thank you for my reading. I’m amazed at your insight into my life and found it very helpful.


Very helpful guidance. An overview but it was just right.


Excellent book
December 5, 2022
An Excellent well written and easy to understand book a wealth of information and must for anyone interested in tarot

Mark Galpin

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