Ten of Swords

The Fool journeys to the Ten of Swords and finds that situations are at their worst as events come to a painful ending for The Fool. Disaster finds him, as things will not go well or as planned, and he suffers a loss. He feels defeated, hurt, and wounded, yet from this point things can only get better, even if for now he wishes to give up.

Something has come to an end or is coming to an end, leaving us feeling defeated, unhappy, and even on some occasions filled with sorrow.

Something comes to a stop. Here we face loss—a final, inevitable ending to a situation or issues within the self that bring loss, regret, and upset. Our changes here will often be forced upon us and cause emotional pain, and the situation will be at its worst.

Our egos take a battering as we find our views and beliefs challenged and shattered, which leaves us feeling demoralised. If you feel yourself lacking a sense of purpose or belonging, then it could take time to get to your feet after something that has shocked you to your core or taken the rug from under you, be that an idea or a life-changing event, anything that challenges who you are, your place within life, or what you believed.

It may not be wished for, but the change has occurred, and even if not seen, new possibilities will emerge, forcing us to move forward.

Like Death, this card clears the ground, paving the way for a new start. Go slow. 


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Testimonials - Clients Kind Words

Thank you Pam. Your reading was very accurate. And enlightening. And well worth the price. I have gotten there readings. Again thank you.

Lisa Garrick

I would highly recommend. Thank you soooo much Pam for your warm, insightful, and clearly communicated reading. You provided clear detail into what each card could be interpreted with regards to my question (questions;). So grateful.


Pam is Amazing!
I have used her several times and she is always accurate and is able to guide me in the right direction. I would recommend her to anyone that needs clarity with a situation. Thanks again Pam!


I returned to Pam for a reading this week after an amazingly accurate reading from her last year. She’s given me the insight that I simply couldn’t see on my own.I feel much calmer and much more grounded about this issue now.Pam thank you for your compassion and clarity and for sharing your gift!


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