King of Wands

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The Fool now finds a time in his life when he can put his full force behind ideas or plans. His ideas are now more than fleeting thoughts with no substance, now they are solid, tempered by experience, commitment & can be used. However big or small the challenges about him are, he knows how to focus & take control. He can now move forwards with ideas, be inventive & truly succeed as now he has patience, & can control the fire within his mind.


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I would recommend her 100% to anyone feeling about a situation in your life. After having my reading with Pam , I feel so in peace. Honestly all the things she told me about my situation I already had thought about before and she just reaffirmed what I thought was going on and even opened up my eyes to see things I had not seen before. She was very detailed and clear about what is going on and what I need to do to move forward.


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