Ace of Cups

The Fool journeys to the Ace of Cups, leaving the fiery creative passion and determination of the Wands behind him and entering the land of love, affection, trust, and honour with the watery Cups. Love holds the key to emotional happiness, and the Ace of Cups being offered to him brings the opportunity of a new emotional beginning, which can stem from feelings of wellbeing to deep love. The Fool feels a big yes to everything positive as a door opens that offers a chance of emotional security and fulfillment.

We are offered a gift: one of optimism, affection, trust, and love; a chance at happiness that would need to be treasured and given tender, loving care to grow into something more secure.

Our emotions are flowing, and positive feelings are felt. We feel light, content, happy, and full of promise. Forgiveness and emotional understanding are in the air, as our spirits will be uplifted, leading to the healing of all things emotional, and at times, this Ace may have provided us with an opportunity for such things; at times, we may have gotten out of the right side of the bed, but our cups runneth over, so drink deeply.

Now is a time to feel hope and be cheerful as our world takes on a rosy glow and we feel love in our hearts and a skip in our step. Peace reigns, and now is the time to act and speak from the heart, and here we are told to trust and to follow our hearts.

New life can be shown with this Ace, and it can bring anything from a birth or pregnancy to new friendships, attractions, and intimate loving relationships; an extended hand of support; good health; and even a day when the sun shines on our emotions and pessimism just dissolves.

Today is a happy day, a good news day, a yes! day, a day to feel loved.


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Thank you for my reading. I’m amazed at your insight into my life and found it very helpful.


I’d highly recommend. Thank You Pam Pam reading was not what I expected. I expected something very vague and general but she was very specific, she made things very clear and she told me the truth. She gave me insight to my situation and everything was true and everything made sense. I plan I getting more readings from Pam.


Yeah, woop woop, love Pams book. I bought the kindle version last year when it came out, and then the paperback this year. I am so happy I bought both. My tarot journey has grown so much. I love doing readings now. Just go buy Pams Book. ❤

Robyn Grimshaw

Thank you. Your reading was more than helpful and the guides quite correct.


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