The Aces

The Aces

Added at 13:01 on 26 June 2021

The four Aces of the deck are all gifts being delivered to us from the heavens. Each one is shown as being on or in a pure white angelic hand.  These are given to us as gifts, raw energy, a slice of the element they represent. They are not absolutes, they do not guarantee any outcome or defined pathway, but a shot of something we can take and try to build upon or ignore.

Ace of Wands – This is a gift of Fire.

So, here you will have a sudden enthusiastic idea, a new opportunity opening with work or any area, even sexual attraction. This Ace gives us a surge of excitement – yet without action, it will stay just an itch to scratch. We can feel driven to take action with this Ace as we can feel fired up and very optimistic, it really can light a fire under us bringing confidence and drive.

Ace of Cups – A gift of emotion with the element of Water.

This Ace brings new feelings, new beginnings emotionally such as children, new chances for happiness. It, as with all the Aces does not mean you will live happily ever after, it means that this is a chance for more if you nurture it well. We can often be left strongly feeling that we can have some dreams comes true, that we can have some or all of what we wish, this card can cause a lot of sighing as we dream with this chance presented to us.

Ace of Swords – with Air, we have a gift of clarity.

This Ace gifts us an ending of how we see things, it shows us the truth, a pearl of wisdom we may not have been aware of before, it lifts the lid on those things we thought we knew. This Ace can hurt, yet it also can set us free, truth is hard to ignore, yet as an Ace you can if you wish, yet you will know things are not as you wish. This Ace often, while a gift, changes things permanently as it lifts the veil on things for us.

Ace of Pentacles – A gift of Earth.

This Ace brings something practical or physical. It can be a present, a chance for a new financial start, yet also good luck and good health.  We are often given something tangible with this Ace, yet it, as with them all is like a seed that we need to take seriously. This Ace is a down to earth energy, it arrives on the practical level, so we often have something to physically touch or create from at hand.

All of the Aces are like whisps of energy, a hint of what we could have, what we could achieve as they are an open doorway being opened in front of us. We can screw up what they have to offer by ignoring them, leaving it too late to act or even presuming that the burst of energy, movement and feelings they initially evoke is the whole shooting match when all they are is that welcome sign, a come hither or a stop an take notice so that we can create from what they bring us.

Aces of Wands, Cups, Swords and Pentacles

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