The Crayfish within The Moon

The Crayfish within The Moon

Added at 14:13 on 04 July 2021

Within The Moon, we can see, emerging from the dark waters a crayfish or lobster. It starts to crawl to land prompted by the eclipse of the moon. The water is symbolic of our emotions, our feelings and here in the dark, our fears.

The crayfish can also be seen as a lobster, which was once linked to the sign of Cancer, a sign ruled by the moon. So here is our deep fears, nightmares and worries coming to the surface. Confused by the state of the moon. Like the wolf and the dog, he knows that something is not right, but has no idea what. It is dark when it should be day and all in all, he shows that the mind is prodded with this lack of clarity, leaving what is normally hidden beneath our emotional calm or control coming to break the water tension and our view of the world, rippling emotions as it does so.

He stands at the start of the pathway, showing direction is sought, yet there is not enough wisdom to go on, just a path leading to the hard reality of the mountains.  To take this path without daylight could mean to trip up as we take each step, to not see a clear route forwards, and as each step would be based on our deepest insecurities, and is a journey best not taken. The crayfish shows us what we should take note of as it shows us a glimpse of our inner feelings, yet not something we should take action on as it will be based on an older version of ourselves.

The Moon

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