Two of Cups

The Fool journeys to the Two of Cups, and the Ace now doubles to show the heart and feelings of another to The Fool. Now is a time for an emotional connection with someone else, a time for friendships, platonic or romantic, to grow and gain strength. The balanced cups show mutual appreciation, respect, and feelings between him and another. Now is a time to be in tune with someone, be that a friend or a lover.

Here, we find the link we have with another important person in our lives. At its heart, this is a card of friendship, which is the cornerstone of all meaningful relationships, and the enjoyment of a close bond with another may be on the cards today: time with a friend, a loved one, or even an intimate partner.

If none of the above apply, then maybe you and someone new are on your way to entering each other’s lives! as new relationships and friendships can form, whether platonic or attraction based.

We share a strong sense of belonging with another person or people. Mutual respect is in the air, as are love, appreciation, and trust. You will find today that relationships are equitable, fair, and harmonious.

Now is a time to connect with others and enjoy the company of those we care for or wish to care for more! Heal rifts and reach agreements and know that any sincerity is real.

Enjoy or create happy interactions: smile at a stranger, call that friend, make that data, hug your other half.


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Testimonials - Clients Kind Words

Just got my first email reading from Pam. My family has been going through a lot and her guidance really resonated and helped put things in perspective. I would definitely get another reading from her in the future.

Linda R

Reading Hi Pam.I have just read your reading and I believe it to be so accurate.I have spent many hours the last two days looking for a new job.I don't plan on jumping the boat in haste, but taking my time, and if the right one comes along seriously considering it. I feel much calmer now, so thank you from the bottom of my heart x

Sarah Venables

I really recommend her 100%. Pam's reading has been so helpful to me! In profesional or love matters, she always has cleared up my head and help me to give me that push I needed.


Thank you Pam for your time and reassurance given with my reading xx I appreciate it very much xx Kind regards Natasha xxx


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