Queen of Wands

The Fool journeys to the Queen of Wands and finds that he needs to be bold, self-reliant, and confident; it is a time to be fierce and protect what is his. His social life and friends are important to him, as are home and family, and a happy balance is found. Within the Queen's energy, he realises that fun and laughter are good medicine, there is no rush to get to where you are going, and time spent being productive whilst having fun can often be positive. The Fool shows the world that he is a force to be reckoned with.

Now is the time to feel energized, to be a good friend or to be in the company of someone who is, to be proud of who we are, and to rediscover our vitality, zest for life, and optimism. This Queen shows us that we are strong, happy in our own skin, and committed to all we do.

We can feel a lust for life and a deep passion not just for our own happiness but also for those we love, and we will find that we are willing to fight for them as your inner lioness shines out!

Balance is required in one's home, work, and social lives; one should not have dominance over the other because all are required; here, we need to deeply feel life and not be stuck in one area while ignoring another.

Assert your individuality; be self-reliant and independent in your thoughts; and have the time and space to do her own thing, be the fun one, or be with a good friend who can fill that role.

Now is the time to be strong-willed, rule your world with a smile and some laughter, and find time to do your own thing.

Be fierce and roar! 


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Testimonials - Clients Kind Words

I am LOVING this incredible book! (Understanding Tarot) It is so full of in-depth, accessible, brilliant information, easy to read, straightforward, myth-dispelling, and perfect even for a beginner like me. I can’t imagine ever needing another tarot book…Thank you Pam for publishing this book now - just when I need it!

Liz Sharp

Love this book! I am just learning tarot, I received this book last week and studying it every day. Thanks Pam

Cheryl Gervais

Thank you so much!!! Pam is amazing and I have had multiple readings from her and she has been so accurate in guiding me! And recently I asked about my job situation and she was right on the money!


thank you so much for that pam. xx you are totally on the right path, love light and blessings to you. truly gifted. xx Jackie


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