Knight of Wands

The Fool meets with the Knight of Wands and finds that his ideas have now grown and that he has donned the Knight's armour. He is full of movement, lives for change, is passionate about life, and his imagination fuels his need for experience. He is so energetic that he brings action to whatever he touches and full confidence. The Fool is more concerned with the journey than the destination, and his commitment to his ideas may fall short. Yet, his friendly and passionate energy is contagious and brings success to getting new ventures started, even if the finishing of them may need a more mature personality.

Our restlessness can drive us insane, so we must act. We yearn for movement deep within our souls and want a challenge—or to get the challenge started. We look toward the distant horizon with concentration and eagerness, knowing that we can do the "thing" with relish!

Our desire may not be grounded in much reality or be planned, so we do need to be careful, as Knights can be transitory and the Knight of Wands acts on passion, a "need" that drives.

Our minds are fired up, and we're off, the fire within us forcing us to take a chance on what we want, feel, or know we need.

If you are planning for the future, be careful of acting without thought for it, as often it is the journey that we are thinking of, and the destination has no real formulation within the mind but is propelled by enthusiasm and, at times, a desire to please.

Restlessness and the desire to make changes will run the show.

"Let’s do this" may be your battle cry!


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Testimonials - Clients Kind Words

Readings I have been coming to Pam for a reading for a few years now and she has been spot on every single time. She is very honest but also provides reassurance, guidance and insight as to how to move forwards or achieve the goal which has also been so appreciated. Thank you Pam for your accuracy and your kindness.


I had a reading with you last month, thank you Pam. It gave me a new way to see things which has helped me.


Pam read my spread a while back and although the spread and the reading was not good news, it was accurate and on point regarding the situation and helped me move on from it. Thank you


UNDERSTANDING TAROT – A REVIEW (and why you should buy it now!!)
I always tell people who are starting the tarot journey (and some of those already into it), that apart from trusting your intuition and buying a good deck you can connect with, the next best thing you can do is to invest in a really good tarot book. I have a huge collection and have added “Understanding Tarot” to it.
What makes this book easily to my top best tarot books list are the detailed card descriptions. Of all the ones I have read, so far this is the best ever! Along with the upright and reversed meanings.
In most books I have come across, the card descriptions are just as you see it : Here is the two of pentacles which shows a man juggling two coins with a red hat and colorful clothes and blue skies…and it stops there or provides very less information. NOT with Understanding Tarot. Every color, every symbol, every background, every single detail on the card is simply and beautifully explained in a way that is easy to learn the meaning of the card, easy to relate and so easy to retain and if you are in a hurry there is also an “in a nutshell” description that gives a quick overview when you draw a particular card. Until this book came along, I never noticed or even knew what the tiniest of details in each card stood for.
Key themes of the card are highlighted in bold for better retention. My only crib would be that the book does not have an index page for quick jumps to the card since I have the Kindle version of it. That aside, it is a MUST OWN and fast becoming my favorite companion for my own daily readings and as a reference for reading for others.
Overall rating: 5/5
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1-No! No! No!
2-Just about average
3- Good. Worth a buy.
5-Yes! Yes! Yes! and I’ll tell all about it.

Vidya/Chel Blr.

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