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The Fool meets the Page of Wands and finds he has news to share, or even some good news to receive! Ideas, messages, or incoming information will inspire him to grab the bull by the horns, leaving him feeling passionate about something new. He will feel enthusiastic and want to shout his ideas out to the world. His ideas may not have a lot of form or foundation, but they will fire him up as a flicker of fire ignites in his mind, shouting at him to explore.

Here we can feel revved up with a new idea or some news that has come our way, and we want to shout out to the whole world what is going on in our minds!

Our minds can feel alight with something new; it will feel novel and exciting, and it will fill our thoughts. We may not have thought out the fine details, but heck, our minds are on fire! We can feel very determined and adamant that we know what we want, yet we must realise that nothing has any real direction yet—just a whole lot of passion, drive, and enthusiasm.

We want to explore what is new to us, to dip our toes into new ideas, and see how far we can push things without committing, as here things are not ready for that, but the match has been lit to the touchpaper.

As a Page, this one can bring you messages, news, and information that inspire and motivate you. Communication, conversations, tidbits, and information can be brought your way, all of which make you feel energised and full of potential.

Does it have potential, maybe? And you are certainly going to find out if you explore what is on your mind!


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Testimonials - Clients Kind Words

(From FB Page) I love having a reading from Pam your always honest ant tell it like it is. I would recommend Pam 100% I have some complicated questions and Pam has always been spot on Thank you Xx


Email Reading Pam, thank you for one of the best readings. I felt lost and after this reading I felt better. I’ve been looking for awhile for someone like you how knows what they are talking about. My search is over.Until my next reading ??.


Thank you. Your reading was more than helpful and the guides quite correct.


It is truly a blessing in life to have bumped into Pam and her work in clairvoyance and tarot. Her readings are uncanny but so deep. It will leave you amazed. My mouth was agape while I read through my own reading. She is very real and comforting even in my dark shadows I was glad she was able to see them and point my in a great direction. She reminded me of my light. Pam is a treasure. If you’re reading this wondering worth, yes her readings are worth every penny!

Dia Saucedo

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