Ten of Wands

The Fool journeys to the Ten of Wands, and now his life is filled with routine. He has had so many ideas, which he has dedicated himself to, that he has taken on too much. He is blindly walking forward, hoping it all goes well. Having lost sight of his goals, he feels pressured by his responsibilities. He grins and bears it, not listening when others offer help or ask for it. The Fool needs to review what he’s doing and sort through it to see what can be left behind, dealt with later, or delegated to others.

We can feel the strain and weight of our responsibilities and get lost in the stubbornness of not stopping at times, and so we struggle.

We can be so adamant about continuing and pushing forward that we become so preoccupied with reaching clear ground that life becomes routine and tiresome, and what we once felt excited by feels like a heavy burden to carry. We are guilty of overloading ourselves, often with our own expectations and a refusal to ask for help.

The stress we feel is self-imposed, as we either have not formed adequate boundaries or are taking everything too seriously when a change of tactics is needed.

We can lose sight of our goals, become so bogged down that the goal post is lost as we carry the weight of the world in our own beliefs and obligations, and life feels heavy, tired, and dull.

You've got too much on your plate! Now is a time to ask others to shoulder the responsibilities, or let go, reorder, and reassess those that you can lose your grip on.


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Testimonials - Clients Kind Words

I will definitely use her again. Pam is spot on. She is not sugarcoating anything, but talks with lots of compassion. She surprised me with her accurate description of me and my situation. It was very helpful and insightful for me and my journey forward.


Thanks so much Pam. I honestly feel like you just said to me what I already knew in my heart (but haven't wanted to accept).


I would highly recommend. Thank you soooo much Pam for your warm, insightful, and clearly communicated reading. You provided clear detail into what each card could be interpreted with regards to my question (questions;). So grateful.


Thank you for the reading.

It is really detailed, I appreciate it.



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