Knight of Cups

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A bit about the Knight of Cups

The Knight of Cups turns The Fool into a romantic knight in shining armor. He is focused on feelings & sentiment. He can of be found daydreaming or what he wants from afar, rather than taking any action to obtain it. His heart has a goal in mind, he is in love with love, with outcomes, but he fails to root any of it in reality. He is lost in his dreams, but hint of opposed reality would tarnish his amour, shattering his illusions. Yet, right now he is enjoying the fantasy of what he is attracted to.


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The Knight of Cups & the Horse's Foot


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Thank you for the readings. Everything you shared with me was very accurate. If anyone is interested in getting any reading, I would recommend you Pam to anyone. You are a very caring person. And you told me exactly what I needed to know. And I thank you. You knew all my fears and concerns. And gave me the answers I needed..

Lisa G

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