Knight of Cups

The Fool now travels to the Knight of Cups, where he transforms into a romantic knight in shining armour. He is focused on feelings and sentiment. He can be found fantasizing or thinking about what he wants from afar rather than taking action to obtain it. His heart has a goal in mind; he is in love with love and outcomes, but he fails to root any of it in reality. He is lost in his dreams, but a hint of opposing reality would tarnish his amour, shattering his illusions. Yet, right now, he is enjoying the illusion of what he is attracted to.

Are you sighing a bit lately? In love with someone new? Attracted to someone new? In love with something new? Attracted to something new? as here we find a starry-eyed approach, as we romanticise those things we wish for as our imagination rules all interactions and attractions.

What we have our sights set on is something you may want, but commitment is not likely, as Knights by nature are just traveling through. If this is a physical attraction, then this has little realism, more idealism, as relationships live within the mind, and the same is true of more practical yearnings; if brought to reality, you will find that they can easily be crushed with a wrong word.

Here we find a whole lot of aspirations and little realism, however earnest things may be or feel, as everything feels sooooo intense! We can find ourselves or another deeply romantic and promising devotion.

A passive approach will not get you what you wish, yet what you wish may not have the glue it needs to be more than it is—a glorious, yet dreamy idea.

Your heart is on your sleeve, and with your rose-tinted glasses on, you may not be seeing things clearly.


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guidance This is my second reading and I want to thank Pam for the guidance that eases my worries. I've said before that sometimes someone outside the situation can give you a different perspective and help guide you through difficult days. I feel Pam understands and rebalances my difficulties.


Thanks again Pam, the reading is insightful and the interpretation is accurate. Would recommend Pam as a reader.


Pam thank you! This resonated with me. Thank you thank you thank you! Lots of love and light to you!


I have been coming back to Pam for over 3 years now! Amazing insights, natural psychic and tunes in with you! Lots of LoveS


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