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The Fool journeys to the Page of Pentacles and finds the student within him awakened. He experiences enthusiasm in the act of absorbing something new and taking the time to soak up knowledge. He finds himself on a fact-finding mission, open to all the details. He may get lost in his studies as his interests grow and he hears of new opportunities to earn or learn from.

Here, we discover that study is a topic on our minds or a need in which we must invest. It could be something conscious, a course, a subject, or something subconscious, and it could be about life itself. Page’s dream, and here we can find ourselves lost in his study and contemplation of issues as we reflect, observe, soak up, and learn to understand.

Students of all ages are shown here, and we find those things that make us feel enthusiastic and where we may not act, or start practicing, or "doing," but absorb the information we need. So, if you wish to understand something, lift up the bonnet and study how it's put together.

Allow yourself to be creative. Work hard at understanding those things you wish to know more about.

With the study to one side, there is a need to be a gentle, peace-loving soul and to examine our surroundings and our environment to see where we can assist.

Often, we can find a chance to earn some extra income or even gain some extra funds.

Be confident. Play, dream, and build within your mind.


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Testimonials - Clients Kind Words

I bought this on Kindle ( love the instant availablity) and love using it! I find all the in-depth explanations of the symbolism on each card has been so helpful to me! Yesterday- I look at my daily card (huh here's a guy in a chariot with 2 sphinxes), then read your Chariot discussion-- WOW I was stunned at how much was on the card ! Thank you for making this all available for us.

June Sanim

Thank You Pam !!! Your reading as usual is very clear to the point and shows thing as they are.Thank you very much for your guidance I will definitely come back for more!!!


I really recommend her 100%. Pam's reading has been so helpful to me! In profesional or love matters, she always has cleared up my head and help me to give me that push I needed.


Pam has such an amazing gift. She's accurate and was very much in tune with the situation I asked about. Thank you, Pam!

Tara T

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