Ten of Pentacles

The Fool journeys to the Ten of Pentacles and realised that everything comes together in the end if you focus with care and consideration for the future, and The Fool sits to enjoy all he has gained. His life is on the rise; he is financially and emotionally secure, and he is surrounded by those who adore him. Security is not just talked about but felt. He feels part of something larger than just himself. The long term is looked at, and he understands that with care, things will last and grow even more. Finally, he feels totally blessed.

We can feel that we have arrived,and how lucky and happy we are with what we have. We have security, which can be symbolised by material wealth and the absence of financial concerns, as well as a happy, loving family. Our success is long-term and can be generational—what you have come from or what you will leave for the coming generation—so here we can find that we enjoy home, family, and the safety that such things give to us on more than one level. How you view your riches and what your legacy will be. How does your life affect others? 

You can even find extended family on your mind as an issue or a point of consideration for you, as opposed to those under your roof. Family responsibilities may be called upon or required.

We find a time when all is well and everyone is in agreement, especially at home and with family. Life will feel settled.

If you are nearing the completion of a creative or financial project or are thinking about or acting on investments, then you are doing very well. You are making the right moves, and what you are doing will bring rewards for you and for those you love.

If a house move, property purchase, or other "big" event occurs, everything is fine!

Enjoy what you have, whether it has come from those before you or is yours to pass forward. Respect and enjoy all you have.


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Testimonials - Clients Kind Words

Very true and correct. Made me realise not to be fearful of change and will work on that. Great reading, I needed to hear that. Thank you Pam.


Wow I just had another reading with Pam and like all my previous readings with her, this one was again very insightful and extremely accurate. Thank you Pam!


I just wanted to say thanks again for this reading. Hi Pam, Something guided me to look it up this morning and it has brought me real comfort. I’m dealing with a period of depression/anxiety which is taking time to resolve. I’ve been trying to push through it and your reading reminds me that I shouldn’t try to rush the process (and that all will be well).Thanks again, Cath


Thank you Pam Over the last 10 years I have been in this battle and felt like there’s no way out. After getting my reading with Pam, I feel like I have hope and more faith in myself. And I know my battle will be over soon. Thanks for all of your help Pam. Until next time. XOXO


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