Nine of Pentacles

The Fool journeys to the Nine of Pentacles, and at last everything can go at The Fool's pace as he enjoys the fruits of his labours. He can do as he pleases for a while, relaxed and content with his own company. He has a sense of achievement; he has done well, and he is full of self-confidence and feelings of achievement. He can look back, knowing he has done good and earned the right to take enjoyment from a situation or from his life as a whole.

We find ourselves happy, content, and quite pleased with ourselves, and if not, maybe we should change perspectives or find some alone time to do our own thing for a while.

We find here that we are satisfied, thrive on being able to express ourselves, and are calm within our own personal space. What we have accomplished in life will be something to reflect on or to enjoy to the fullest at our own pace.

If we find ourselves alone, then relax into it, as life is still moving forward, and this will change. Yet we may find that we just feel even more independent than normal and relish enjoying time alone, especially if it means that we do not have to rely on anyone.

This is a prosperous card, filled with calmness and a time of slow and enjoyable relaxation. Enjoy feeling peaceful and positive.

You have every right to feel pleased with yourself and to enjoy what you have gained for yourself, be it self-confidence or material goods. Enjoy your personal success.

Enjoy some pampering and luxuries!


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Testimonials - Clients Kind Words

Excellent book
December 5, 2022
An Excellent well written and easy to understand book a wealth of information and must for anyone interested in tarot

Mark Galpin

Understanding Tarot Book.
I love it!!!
I jumped to the "Using your Tarot deck" and you're such a breath of fresh air compared to other books I read!
I got the Kindle edition too 🤭, but I really needed the paper copy, and i couldn't be happier! 🤩
Kudos to you for this gem! 🔥❤️🔥
I can't seem to find the right words to express myself now, but I think that you brought warmth and humanity to a practice that had been stereotyped for too long.
Thank you! ❤️


I had a reading with you last month, thank you Pam. It gave me a new way to see things which has helped me.


Yeah, woop woop, love Pams book. I bought the kindle version last year when it came out, and then the paperback this year. I am so happy I bought both. My tarot journey has grown so much. I love doing readings now. Just go buy Pams Book. ❤

Robyn Grimshaw

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