Eight of Pentacles

The Fool journeys to the Eight of Pentacles and finds that he has talent. He knows that he must practice and practice to make things perfect, and he pays extra attention to the small details. He spends time honing a skill and pursuing a goal, fully aware that it will take time to master it. He is an apprentice, a novice taking on something new that he hopes will sustain him financially, if not now, then one day in the future. Right now, he is enjoying every moment with his new, consuming interest.

We can find ourselves absorbed here, and with complete concentration, we focus on perfecting something we want to master, understand, and excel at. We want to get "it" right. 

A natural aptitude for a subject can capture our attention, and even if it is not so natural, we can still find a lot of pleasure in learning something new that we can get lost in. Work may be hard but fun and satisfying, and here we are going through a learning process.

Mentally, we can find ourselves engrossed and riveted by a subject, an issue, or a topic and very much enjoying it. We find here that our goals and wishes can be accomplished in the real world via concentration, aptitude, and dedication.

If you have any flair or talent, expand on them. If you have an interest you wish to jump into, get going—acquire a new skill or brush the cobwebs off an existing one.

If you find that you need to study, learn, practice, or start at the bottom with work, an issue, or any area of life to gain the experience you need, now is a good time.

If you discover that you are pretty darn good at something, you can even make money from it if you try! 


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Testimonials - Clients Kind Words

I gave Pam a barebones bag of ragtag information but my questions were clear. She came back with four cards that crystallized my situation perfectly. I now have the emotion I need to get this painful nightmare finished. Her advice was brutally kind and succinct. Exactly what I need and want. Thank you Pam! I will be back. May you have light in your world. I feel PEACE.


I wanted to take a moment to appreciate Pam Richards for the incredible reading I received from her. Pam is thoughtful, thorough, and extremely insightful. I received the guidance that I needed, right when I needed it. Thank you, Pam!

D. Vincent.

Thank you Pam for your interpretation of my cards. I hope that things will materialize the way the cards predict.

R Da Silva Ramos

I am LOVING this incredible book! (Understanding Tarot) It is so full of in-depth, accessible, brilliant information, easy to read, straightforward, myth-dispelling, and perfect even for a beginner like me. I can’t imagine ever needing another tarot book…Thank you Pam for publishing this book now - just when I need it!

Liz Sharp

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