Seven of Pentacles

The Fool journeys to the Seven of Pentacles, as now is the time to prepare to reap what has been sown. The Fool's efforts will be paying off as what he has set out to do will be in view. He is between the planting and the harvest, so now he enters a mindful phase between the two where his focus is on keeping things weed-free. He feels positive, maybe a bit tired, but is aware that long-term success is possible if the results are good.

Here we find a need for some mindfulness as we enter a lull between states. We have planted the seeds and done the work, and now we wait ..

We can find ourselves waiting for the rewards we seek for the work we have done, the effort we have given, and the time we have spent, and right now we cannot rush anything or do more than stay on top of our issues to make sure nothing goes awry.

If you have projects on the go and plans that you have set in motion, then you need to stay on the ball, but what is set in motion can be left to grow on its own as long as the foundation is strong and durable. So we can relax while we patiently wait for outcomes.

Now may be a good time to evaluate what you are aiming for and what you have already achieved. Take five minutes to look at where you have come from, what you have, and where it will all take you. Effort is still on the cards, but for now a semi-break can be taken. Do not let your commitment wane due to waiting for things to come to a conclusion, as situations look good and losing sight of that would not be beneficial.

If you feel the need to shake up work, give it a go, as you may well find that you can make changes within your current situation.

The harvest cannot be rushed, just tended to.


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Thank you so much for your time!


I have had a few readings with Pam and she is truly wonderful. Her readings are always awesome, and they help me so much. Thank you very much Pam!!


Pam's tarot & psychic insights e-mail gave me some clarity by signaling the path among my cluster-feelings chaos... I'm still re-reading it and is spot on about the more inner details and depths of my situation just after a general description of it and what worries me... I feel now I have more resources to face my problems and have gained a deeper perspective of them. Thanks Pam! :-)

David L

Pam is absolutely amazing. Today I received the most precise reading I’ve ever had. The way she described my situation was extremely accurate. Her approach was exactly what I needed, almost like she knew me and understood my communication style. Thank you for sharing your gift! Can’t wait for my next reading!


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