Six of Pentacles

The Fool journeys to the Six of Pentacles, where support is found. The fool finds that if help is needed, it needs to be asked for. It may be demoralising, but if needed, it should be taken where offered. Things may not be perfect, but help is available, and he knows that he needs to take it, as now is not the time for pride. Overall, his lot improves thanks to the charitable natures of others and their advice, wisdom, practical help, or funds.

Here we find help, which can be both offered and given and is often of a financial or practical nature. Help is found; it can be charity and a gift, but more often it is something that will be paid back, literally or in kind.

A lifeline is offered, and that will often be an investment in some regard, as what another has is distributed in the form of help and funds. Even if it is not a truly satisfying situation, there is a need to take what is given. If you are owed anything or need to repay someone, now it may become a focus. If you're struggling financially and your job is just a means to an end, remember that nothing lasts forever and try to balance the books. 

If this is not relevant, as you are financially secure, then it may be you who finds yourself in a position to be generous with another, practically, financially, or even with advice. Yet it can even find us in a position to share a smile, a hug, and our time.

Justice is in action, and balance is restored. Situations are in a position to be put right; you may well receive what is yours even if it puts you in a position of having to rely on a person, system, or situation.

Give it if you have it. If you need it, seek it out.


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Testimonials - Clients Kind Words

I received my copy (of Understanding Tarot) this week and already this is my favourite Tarot reference book. Such detailed descriptions of all the cards both upright and reversed but can also be dipped into easily for a quick check to see if you’re on the right path. This is a wonderful book….massive congratulations Pam Richards

Charlotte Gray

Thank you Pam for your time and reassurance given with my reading xx I appreciate it very much xx Kind regards Natasha xxx


Thank you so much!!! Pam is amazing and I have had multiple readings from her and she has been so accurate in guiding me! And recently I asked about my job situation and she was right on the money!


I was very happy with my reading. Her response was very timely and detailed and specific.

T Ashburn

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