Queen of Pentacles

The Fool journeys to the Queen of Pentacles, and stepping into her values, he experiences down-to-earth sincerity, love, and support. He gains a firm sense of family tradition and values. His approach to life is one of honesty; nothing is complicated, as everything is seen with a practical mindset. He finds his creative maternal side: a generous nature that has little time for furs and glitter and enjoys her surroundings and personal connections to the fullest.

We find a healing, loving, generous, down-to-earth vibe surrounding us with the Queen of Pentacles, a calmness that fills our soul and relaxes us.

Life is relaxed; we feel comfort and ease; basically, life is good. Here is a time to discover that we have everything we need within our family life and the love we have around us, even if we do not have all that we want.

This is a time for us to be honest, loyal, and big-hearted, to be maternal and loving to those in need, and even extend that to ourselves. Now is not about how much you have, but how much you can share with those you have in your life to share love with—family and home.

We can find that we work hard, and that places us in a position where we can offer support, as it can be good to care for others, but be sensible and make sure no one tries to take advantage, as this Queen would not allow that.

This Queen's brings material pleasures, a time when life is abundant; family is important, and she may well bring fertility as an issue, which is now a good time.

Everything feels simple as we enjoy what we have and who we have it with.


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Testimonials - Clients Kind Words

I've had a few readings with Pam over the last couple of years, all have been long term so have not wished to leave feedback just yet. However... everything Pam has told me so far has been spot on (unfortunately including the meeting a frog! Pam has predicted some positive things happening ahead so looking forwards, thank you so much!


Pam Thank you for ur reading ... very helpful insight...I hv faith things will get better as time heals.... Blessings to u. God bless...,


I had a reading with you last month, thank you Pam. It gave me a new way to see things which has helped me.


Pam is a WONDERFUL reader.. I don't think I have ever had such an authentic and accurate reading. This is a woman who truly has a wonderful gift and shares it with an open heart. Thank you Pam =)


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