Eight of Cups

The Fool journeys to the Eight of Cups, and he feels that a piece of the emotional jigsaw puzzle he finds himself in is missing. He wishes to set out, with no idea of where he will end up or what he will find, into the unknown. He knows, intuitively and instinctually, that more is needed to make him happy. In a rut, he steps out of his comfort zone, with faith that he can find his missing piece, even if he is confused, as he wishes to avoid stagnation.

What we may have invested in, cared for, and what has brought rich emotional rewards, and can still do so, leaves us with an inner calling to find more to complete the picture and avoid stagnation.

Right now, a change is needed, either in perspective connected to what you have, or something completely new that enhances what we have, or even a new start.

We often feel this card as an urge to do something, have more, or do more, feeling prompted to make changes, yet we often have no idea what those changes will bring. We have an itch to scratch; something has been outgrown, and we may know exactly what would make things better; we may have an inkling or not a goddam clue.

Change your routine, change your perspective, and change your situations. You do not have to leave a situation to improve it, yet that can be on the cards. Listen to your disappointment and dissatisfaction, be brave, and act.

Microchanges or big ones, follow your intuition and your heart, find what is missing, and rewrite your goals.


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Testimonials - Clients Kind Words

Thank you so much Pam for a great reading and for being so kind and understanding. You really helped me when I needed help. I couldn't recommend you more. Love and gratitude in abundance
Jenny x

Jenny Sherwood

For the first time of my life i recieved exactely the reading i NEEDED..not wanted. It was a shock and also the most beautiful thing that could happen to me. You opened my eyes and i am so so so thankful for this. Will ne back for sure. You are a true professionnal and connected Reader

Veronique Lapointe

Brilliant as always. I have now had 3 readings with Pam over the past few years. I can honestly say that she is by far the best iv seen. So spot on with everything in all 3. You will not be disappointed at the level of accuracy! Totally brilliant. Thank you Pam again for my reading. x


I’ve had many readings by several different people. Today I had one with Pam.. and it was literally was completely different then any reading I’ve had. I requested a reading today on a very painful issue going on with my children. She has a nurturing and compassionate manner. From the moment I opening my reading I felt connected to Pam. At the end of it I was ready for another to dig deeper into some of my issues. And she suggested I wait a couple days before the next one. I’m biting at the bit to have another one with her. It was very detailed and key points were accrue. I won’t see anyone else from here on out. I appreciated the kindness from her knowing the pain I’m in. She’s amazing !! Thank you Pam.


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