Guided Meditation for Emotional Acceptance

Guided Meditation for Emotional Acceptance

Added on 17 March 2021

I am sharing this with you, & like all meditations make it a regular one if you’re struggling with an emotional event which has brought you a loss.

This exercise focuses on your Heart Chakra. Your Heart Chakra is located in the centre of the body, to the right of the physical heart. The Heart Chakra consists of 3 colours, each one corresponding to a vibration.  Its lower level is pink, a pale pink, its normal level is a bright emerald green & its higher level is gold. It is the pink that this meditation works with as it is the colour beneficial to emotional healing.

Our Heart Chakra holds all our emotions, feelings & love, sadly also all our emotional pain. The aim of this centre is to be aware of love, to feel love & to be unconditional in all situations & in a manner of relationships, yet this also rings true for all our emotions.

We may not wish to accept the bad things we suffer, yet acceptance is key to progression, without acceptance we stay stuck. Acceptance can also be hard as it can feel as if we are leaving behind the people we have lost, accepting they are gone however does not mean we leave them behind but that we are willing to let go of the pain so we can live & move forwards.

Due to the effects of loss, this will be a simple meditation, as a grief-filled mind can find it hard to deal with lots of instructions.

* How To

Just start by settling down, seated upright, maybe with your eyes focused on a candle or on the breath & close eyes, if you wish & you have some Rose Quartz you can hold that close also.

Spend some time relaxing your body.

When you feel able, take your focus, your attention to your green heart centre, situated n the middle of your chest. Picture & be aware of this centre as an opened flower, a green ball of light or a spinning wheel or maybe you will be given your own image to experience. Take what comes to you.

As you take your focus there you may feel sensations. If you feel nothing, then just rest here as in time as with practice you will. As you gently breathe in & out imagine the energy from the back of your chakra being blown out of the front, this will help to clear this centre & balance it.

See this energy centre turning pink. A pale pink. It may be small to start with but allow it to grow to fill your Heart Chakra.

From your Heart Chakra allow it to fill your entire body, from there allow it to reach out from you as far as it can. Go slow, there is no rush.

Then picture your loss, your area of upset. Allow this pink to flow into this picture of your loss. As it does allow it to fill it totally until all you can see is this pretty pale pink & say to yourself “I accept this situation”, if that is too hard then something like “I accept this situation, even though I hate it, I know it has happened & I wish to heal to find peace/solutions etc”

Rest with this for a while, or as long as you wish. Whatever emotions appear go with them, allow the process to start. Expression of emotions is key to healing. As you end this say thank you to yourself for allowing yourself to take a step towards healing.

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