Frequently Asked Questions

> How can you help me?

I'm a Psychic Clairvoyant who has worked with their guides for over 30 years, & author to Understanding Tarot & a qualified Therapist, you can read here - My Psychic & Therapy Toolbox for all details, please read if your not sure about any element of what is above. 

I help others with their personal issues, situations, questions & their psychic development problems. 

> What type of Psychic are you?

You can read about how I can help via the following pages My Psychic & Therapy Toolbox & Psychic Services. If you still not sure if I am the Psychic for your needs feel free to ask me via my contacts page. 

> Are you a qualified Therapist?

Yes, I'm a qualified Hypnotherapist & work as a Hypnoanalysis for the most part. See the pages Meet Pam for my list of qualification. 

> Are you available for Skype/Online appointments?

I only work via e-mail. Due to health issues I find it hard to guarantee that I can commit to them, as this is not professional & I only work via email. I also live in a remote place, so phone lines cannot be relied upon. 

> Do I need to book an appointment for an email reading?

No. No booking is required for email readings. 

> How long are your email readings & how long will I have to wait?

My email readings come in 2 sizes. 1 A4 page & the other is 2 A4 pages on average.

Email guidance is usually done within 24 hours, unless I have a build up or they arrive over the weekend. They are all done within 4 days otherwise. 

> How many questions can I ask in an Email reading?

An email reading is for ONE problem or situation. If you have many questions connected to that you can ask them & I ask you to do that, as Spirit can sometimes not see them as relevant. 
Yet if you wish to ask about more than one issue, then understand that the same page size will be used, so you will get an overview or less information.

> Do you ever offer discounts?

Yes, sign up to the Offers Newsletter & add info@psychicpamrichards.co.uk to your address book.

> I have signed up to the Offers Newsletter but none have arrived?

Keep an eye on your spam folder.  

> How do I claim a discount as your PayPal buttons do not allow it?

Sadly the shop does not allow for the discounts to be added. As long as you have the code to relay to me .. 
- You can ask me to send you a PayPal payment link with the deduction. 
- You can send me the payment with the deduction in £/Pounds via my PayPal.me link found in the shop & reading pages. 

> I donít have a PayPal account!

That’s fine, you can use PayPal even if you’re not a PayPal member.

> Can I have a free reading?

No. I value my time & respect my paying clients.


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