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Pam gave m a very clear and direct reading, delivering the message with a great deal of conviction and kindness. Very appreciated for the situation I am in! Give the circumstances and that I am the one in them myself, I’d have to agree that she is right in her assessment.

Posted by E x on 21 December 2020
Pam was lovely, responsive, insightful, and quick to respond. She had a very clear view, and her insights were very helpful for me to figure out some life issues. I felt much better about things after my reading. I would tap into her again, for sure!

Posted by Ams on 03 December 2020
I gave Pam a barebones bag of ragtag information but my questions were clear. She did not even require a spread from me. She came back with four cards that crystallized my situation perfectly. I now have the emotion I need to get this painful nightmare finished. Her advice was brutally kind and succinct. Exactly what I need and want. Thank you Pam! I will be back. May you have light in your world. I feel PEACE.
Posted by Adi on 03 December 2020
I will definitly use her again.
Pam is spot on. She is not sugarcoating anything, but talks with lots of compassion. She surprised me with her accurate description of me and my situasion. It was very helpful and insightful for me and my journey forward.
Posted by S on 02 December 2020
Thank you Pam
Pam did a couple of readings for me, which were accurate and insightful, enabling me to make decisions about my way forward feeling more confident about the future. Looking back everything she said made sense and was really valuable !
Pam has been generous with her time and extra explanations when needed, empathetic while truthful and I can feel the loving care through her work 💗
Thank you Pam , hope to talk with you more as life unfolds 🙏🏼
Posted by Jo on 02 December 2020
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Posted on 30 November 2020
Thank you so much, Pam!
Posted on 22 November 2020
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Posted on 12 September 2020
Thank you.
Posted on 22 August 2020
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Posted on 20 August 2020
Thank you so very much Pam
Posted on 20 August 2020
Posted on 27 July 2020
Brilliant as always.
Posted on 24 June 2020
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