Any Issue Email Reading

~ With or Without Tarot, help from my Guides & I

Both the One & Two Page Any Issue email readings cover any life issue which your trying to find a way through in life. As with all of my readings you can have them via direct Clairvoyance or with the addition of Tarot via a spread. My guides are involved in both methods & both deliver the same volume of text.  

The smaller, 1 page Any Issue reading is about 1 x A4 page, with the other being 2 x A4. 

The smaller reading if Tarot is wished for is normally a 3 card layout, with the standard a Celtic Cross if one issue is given, if two or more then I will decide what is best at the time. The position titles for each layout are governed by your needs & questions relating to your problem. 

While both of these two layouts are suited to a single question / problem / issue, they can be divided into two issues - yet of course the information given will take up the same space, so there will be less detail. 

Please note I do not do General/Curiosity Readings: I only work with peoples questions, issues & problems, however big or small they may be. 


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