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Understanding Tarot is a study and discussion group. All tarot readings posted by members are for students to practise on or for experienced students to pass on their knowledge. Anyone who comments will offer their perspective on your cards, which could help you understand them better. YOU ARE NOT GETTING OR GIVING, IF REPLYING, A FREE READING. Students who respond require constructive feedback; if you are unable to provide it, please do not post your spread.

Take time to prepare yourself for your reading.

Be relaxed and focused. Have a clear question and know what spread you will be doing before you start shuffling. You can even use the meditation at the bottom of the page as part of your preparation. To read more about how to prepare for a reading and lots more, see my book Understanding Tarot, or start a new post within the Facebook group on the subjects that matter to you. 

♦ Sharing Your Tarot Reading Guidlines - read to see what is missing from your post

Your shared tarot reading posts have the topic tag #interpretmytarot. To get the most from your post, please edit it and add anything below that is missing. This helps us help you. Not providing all of the information means other students may not see the complete picture and can miss the point of your reading or ignore your post. If you wish, you can also post anonymously within the group.

We love it when you provide e v e r y t h i n g to your post that is needed. We know that most will not read the guidelines and wonder where their post has gone, as while in Pending it will be rejected with a note to the author - in most cases. If it is let in by mistake, it could end up locked.

If you wish to add the rest of what is below, all the better for you and your fellow tarot students. 

  • #interpretmytarot - if you wish you can add this group hashtag at the top of your post. 
  • A single upright image of your cards - just one. You do not need to add one, but it helps. Just one single image of your spread. 
  • The question you asked - give context as your post rests on the exact question asked. 
  • The cards and the positions they were laid in- this helps those using a language translator or a screen reader, for whom having information to read in an image is not possible, as well as anyone wishing to know what card went where. Some tarot cards are also not that easy to see what they are, or photos are not good quality. For example: Past - Five of Cups. Present - Nine of Wands. Future - The Hermit. 
  • You didn't use a tarot spread? - that's just fine, but do state that you used no positions or No Spread.
  • Unclear image, unusual cards etc add the cards names in the post even if you used no spread - If your image is not clear or the cards are not the standard Rider Waite Smith, with foreign titles, no titles at all, or unusual symbolism if they are not added to your main text, it does not help very new students or even more experienced ones when the cards are too weird and wonderful. Place your cards into your text as above, albeit without the positions mentioned, King of Cups etc.  
  • Cards that fall from the deck, clarifiers? bottom cards? - give that information also. If you use the card from the bottom of the deck, make sure you say what it means to you, as it is a card not used by many, and with those who do, it carries different meanings. 
  • Your interpretation - meet us halfway by adding what you think the reading means to you, this shows you have put some effort as a student into understanding the cards yourself.
  • Don’t do a spread that is larger than you can cope with, if it confuses you – do a smaller one stick to what you can work with yourself.
  • Please tag anyone you reply to with an @ before their name.
  • If you wish to know how any commenter has arrived at their reply - ask them in the comments.
  • Please reply to everyone who comments not just with a thank you, but with conversation - repeat takers will be muted within the group for a while or removed. 
  • When done, turn off commenting for your post, or ask admin to do it for you. 

♦ Replying to someones tarot reading post
  • Tag the person you're talking to with an @ before their name.
  • If you need more information, ask for it.
  • If you wish feedback, ask for it directly in your reply - if you do not get it, or get a 'thank you' or an 'it did or did not resonate' reply, tag admin in the comments. 
  • Avoid giving your opinion or even intuition, stick to the cards and your view of them - show the process of how the cards presented led to the reply you have given. 

Group Exercises

Within the group, any #groupexercise will be for a fictional person or aimed at the self and approached in the first person. In that case, no intuition is needed. Just a knowledge of the tarot cards. 

If you wish to ask another member why they have answered as they have, from a purely curious perspective, ask them so that you can learn more about their approach as well as yours. 

If you would like help with your reply, tag me using the @ button or add a question mark at the end. 

Group Intuition Exercises

Group exercises based on intuition will be based on a real person, a real object, or something similar to tune into.

If you wish to learn more about how to use tarot as a psychic development tool in your own time, please refer to my book Understanding Tarot.

If you do not have any luck with any of the exercises, relax. Not everyone will be able to, which can be for many reasons, such as not being relaxed enough, which allows the mind, expectations, and ego to have their say; not being developed enough; and the exercise not being what links into your own vibration. Do not take it as a failure.

When you approach a standard tarot group exericise, you need your tarot knowledge. With an intuitive exercise, you need to be relaxed, open, and quiet. You can use the meditation below if it helps, or any method you choose. When you first see an intuitive exercise, jot down on paper, unless you have a brilliant memory, what your first impressions are, and then, as they may be from the ego, put them to one side. Take the time to relax, tune into the exercise, and see what comes. Do not worry about success or failure, getting it right or wrong; just let it flow. 

You may get images, sounds, feelings, impressions, colours, or memories. They may be directly or indirectly linked to the exercise, an aspect of it, or even an expression of it. Take it all down. 

For example, if there is a pink rose in the object that you are asked to tune into, you may smell a rose, see a rose, be taken back to a memory of roses, or even flowers. If you see an image, get closer to it and see what colours it is; if you see a shape, study it—what is it like, what colour is it—even if it's abstract. Do not just accept what you see, hear, feel, or know and move in—not to interfere but to view it. With the pink rose, you may see an image very different, but with a predominant colour of pink. You may have thorns come to you, or leaves, or stems, or a vase, or a mixture of things that your mind associates with pink roses, or with roses themselves. 

If you wish to use this meditation, follow these steps: 

* Close your eyes once again, relax your body, and drop your shoulders. Just rest here with your breath for a while.

* Go to the white energy that hovers just above your head. This ball of light begins to expand above you, shining more and more brightly. This spiritual energy opens you to your spiritual self and your psychic growth, raises your spiritual vibration, and clears blocks that hold you back from your spiritual link. Let this white light above you take shape in your mind's eye.

You are opening up your energies to this wonderful spiritual force, which is you opening, or being consciously aware of, your own subconscious mind, and from there to your guides, or your own spiritual self. I want you to imagine either your crown chakra or a window just above and on top of your head in your mind's eye for a while.

* And as you think about this, imagine your crown chakra placed on the top of your head, like a window, opening more fully than before. The flow of white energy enters, allowing bright white light to shine in. Maybe you feel a slight tingling or a warm, comforting glow as energy flows into you. Focus on the energy flowing into you and rest here for a while. Be aware of what you feel as you open up to spirit, your own mind, or your own higher self, but do not dwell on which. Don’t be surprised if you feel a sensation around your head—an ache, a tingling, or even a feeling like an elastic band around your head.

* State to yourself, "I am open and grounded." This simply places you in a more focused and receptive frame of mind. 

Go to the exercise.

Study it; close your eyes, opening them again if you need to. Relax more and be open to what comes. You can even ask, "What is this?" or other words related to the exercise. Write down what comes. Do not judge what comes, and do not try to force or coerce what comes. Don't worry about getting it right or getting it wrong. Just let it flow. 

* Quietly come back when you're ready. You can say "thank you" if you wish. You can say to yourself, "I'm closing down now." Know that you are safe. All these things allow your mind, in time, to switch between the hat you're wearing. 

Testimonials: Clients kind Words

Having been a group member for a while, when I saw Pam had a book available, I knew it was a must read, and im so glad I did. This is a truly fantastic read for either new or experienced readers , every card has so much detail, and lots of threads pull the whole picture together. it's the only guide anyone would even need, as its so very comprehensive. Thank you Pam.

Debbie M

Pam just had the flowiest words. Every paragraph of the reading was very understandable and I can say very accurate.
Thank You Pam!


For the first time of my life i recieved exactely the reading i NEEDED..not wanted. It was a shock and also the most beautiful thing that could happen to me. You opened my eyes and i am so so so thankful for this. Will ne back for sure. You are a true professionnal and connected Reader

Veronique Lapointe

I had a reading with Pam, she confirmed and elaborated on an issue in my life, I am now happy the path thats being followed is the correct one, she is a very intuitive person, who helped enormously. Thankyou Pam


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