11 - Justice

The Fool journeys to Justice and arrives at a time in his life when facts must be weighed; truth is now The Fool's only currency of value. Honesty is called for; if judgement is given, it should be done with the use of facts, not emotions or hearsay. He knows that every action has consequences. Be it Karma or truth at play, all things will be balanced. The truth, whether pleasant or unpleasant, will prevail and set things back on track.

Truth, justice, respect, principles, and honour are issues for us with this card. We can be driven to find it, forced to feel it, or find it silently slipping into our lives when the time is right to reset and balance things about us, often due to the actions of others if not ourselves. It can also crash into our lives like a wrecking ball, replacing illusions with sharp, shiny truths.

Fairness can fill our minds and how to cut through our own, or others bullplop! We can get caught in contemplation, seeking the firm foundations that truth gives, with the issue of justice rattling our egos.

The scales of justice will be balanced, and at times it can leave us vindicated and others feeling sore. Karma will have its say; the result of the actions we have taken and those of others will be called into account, and we may love what we see, or we may not. As now, it is not about "sides," but specifics, and order can be established if we follow the facts.

Seeking to make decisions? Think clearly and act with impartiality.

Now is the time for straightforward intellect and powerful action; we need to cut through illusions and expose the truth, speak it, and seek it.

If you want to be dishonest, forget it!

Speak your truths. Be honest, with yourself or with others.


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Testimonials - Clients Kind Words

I highly recommend Pam for her intuitive readings. She has wonderful insight and has been correct in the past regarding situations I have brought to her for guidance. She gives very detailed explanations of what she she sees in the cards. I appreciate you sharing your energy with me and will be back for advice again.


Thank you Pam for your interpretation of my cards. I hope that things will materialize the way the cards predict.

R Da Silva Ramos

Pam has given 2 readings now, one for my son & one for myself, if I said she was amazingly accurate it wouldn't be enough. It's the small things she told me that resonated most, things she really couldn't have known. Thank you Pam, 2024 doesn't seem so scary now.

Elizabeth Barbour

Thank you again! you're amazing, and you're absolutely right.

Kathleen Leahy-Jenks

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