14 - Temperance

The Fool journeys to Temperance and, after the struggle of Death, finds balance, moderation, cooperation, and compromise. There is an understanding that they will lead him toward solutions, calmness, and peace in the face of problems. He sees that reconciliations can be found if he avoids extremes of behaviour, thoughts, or emotions as he moves towards moderation. He finds forgiveness and copes well with any setbacks he may have encountered along the way.

Balance is found, and if not, then it is needed. We find a time when inner balance and outer calmness are needed. Unlike Strength, where we need to tame the beast within and the ego, which can sabotage, here we need to balance it all out with acceptance, give and take, and find a pathway that does not require any extremes of thoughts, emotions, action, or inaction—to relinquish control or grasp at it.

Now is a time that we can reach for love, understanding, reconciliation, and purpose within those situations where these things are missing and needed. We can see here that the time is right for cooperation, compromise, forgiveness, and restoring balance. So if there is a situation with another that needs healing, now may be a good time to reach out, without blame or expectation, to heal the situation.

Temperance, in Latin, means to merge and mix, moderation, proportion, due mingling, dilution, temper, restraint, and humility, so we must be fluid to flow toward happiness, finding a middle path between the issue that has caused the problem.

Act in moderation. Eat the cake and drink the wine, but leave some for another day.


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Testimonials - Clients Kind Words

Wow..Thankyou Pam Thanyou Pam for the reading. Was just what I needed both for reassurance and to put a spring in my step. Your date for August 2018 was spot on. All the best to you x


I gave Pam a barebones bag of ragtag information but my questions were clear. She came back with four cards that crystallized my situation perfectly. I now have the emotion I need to get this painful nightmare finished. Her advice was brutally kind and succinct. Exactly what I need and want. Thank you Pam! I will be back. May you have light in your world. I feel PEACE.


I had a very good reading with Pam, she was spot on my issue and gave me very good understanding of my problem.

This is not my first reading with Pam, she is always so good and kind.

Thank you Pam for your advice and lots of love.



Hi pam so much for your reading I have applied for a job in a similar roll and looking to move hopefully soon I have been promised a interview but the company is going through internal changes thank you so much life is full of changes both personally and professionally so I really appreciate the encouragement xx

Wendy D

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