15 - The Devil

The Fool journeys to The Devil, and Temperance’s need for moderation is lost. He imprisons himself in a self-imposed hell of his own making. He has given his power away to a negative mindset, habits, or others, driven by desire rather than peace, as he enters a superficial world that limits his outlook and potential. He may feel like a victim, but he only has himself to blame, as he follows a self-destructive path, often blaming others for his woes.

At times, we are aware that we are in cahoots with The Devil, and at others, we believe that everything is fine as long as we ignore the trap at our feet that keeps us in place. In either case, we can make plenty of excuses to justify our actions because our ability to recognize the truth is limited.

When we blame others or things for what we do, and health, happiness, and needs and wants are only achievable with certain rules in place, we are bound by this card. We may see The Devil as an outside force wreaking havoc on our lives, but he is more often than not a destructive force within our own minds—those situations we created, even if with sincerity and even naivety, and now find ourselves trapped within. Ego, insecurities, and desires collide and lock us in.

We are experiencing an extreme of negative emotions here—a deep niggling feeling that something is wrong ethically, morally, and sensibly, leaving us powerless. We are attracted to what is destructive, wanting one thing or another, and we can find ourselves rooted in our own minds and insecurities.

We may feel excitement, passion, lust, need, desire, and pleasure for someone or something, but it will not be healthy or end well. What is easy to start or get into can be very hard to leave. If you find that you’re blaming someone else or passing the buck, you may be excusing the fact that you and only you are in charge of making changes, yet we may feel blind to that fact.

Events can build up to the point of no return, and the next step could be a "tower moment."


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Testimonials - Clients Kind Words

Very true and correct. Made me realise not to be fearful of change and will work on that. Great reading, I needed to hear that. Thank you Pam.


Just got my first email reading from Pam. My family has been going through a lot and her guidance really resonated and helped put things in perspective. I would definitely get another reading from her in the future.

Linda R

I have been coming back to Pam for over 3 years now! Amazing insights, natural psychic and tunes in with you! Lots of LoveS


Hi Pam.

I wanted to tell you that I took what you said to heart. I have reread this from time to time to get my bearings every time I start to fall back into old paradigms. And indeed each time I do, I notice something new.

Thank you so much. I appreciate your personal story too and your approach and compassionate non-judgment.

Thank you with all my Heart!
Ruth :)

PS: I’m also a professional Tarot reader and it delights me to find you as a professional because now I can say here, right here, is a good reader.

Ruth Renate Davidson

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