20 - Judgement

The Fool journeys to Judgement and reaches a crossroads, a time where he can sum up his life so he can move on, reborn and wiser. He has a need to move on as he realises how much he has grown emotionally, mentally, and even spiritually. He will be filled with a need to leave his old self behind. The Fool will find that Judgement leaves him with a deep sense of direction that cannot be ignored.

We find in Judgement a point of transition and renewal. We can evolve, change, and be more than we have been, as now is the time to sum up the past and rise up to be who we can now be.

We can feel a deep calling within us, the light at the end of the tunnel beckoning us forward, and we can interpret this as a spiritual progression or life moving us forward with clarity that wakes us up. There is no doubt about what we are doing, who we are, or where we are going, as we are now measured by what we are, not what we appear to be or have been.

The past can be let go of; it is not needed anymore, and if you have an inner calling, an urge to fulfill something that will create balance in your life, go toward it. We know that it is time to move on, own up, and let go so that life can progress.

Events, be they good or bad, will come to a conclusion and be judged on their true merits. We are left with the undeniable truth, which we can take with us to our next phase of life. We deeply feel the responsibility we have for our own lives and happily accept it.  

Judgement is like a juice cleanse for the soul.


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Testimonials - Clients Kind Words

My reading today with Pam was so amazing. I gained such insight and clarity into my situation and I feel so much more confident to move forward. Thank you so much!!!!


First, let me start off saying I first interacted with Pam via fb on her page Understanding Tarot, where I am slowly learning Tarot from her and Bob. She commented on my interpretation of a spread, which was fairly accurate, thanks in large part to the knowledge I had gathered from her page. Now, I paid for a reading from Pam and received it rather promptly not even 48 hours later. I chose to include tarot in my reading. She was very thorough in explaining the reading and what the cards represented in relation to my reading. The reading she gave resonated with me although it was not exactly what I was wanting to hear yet she gave me the truth in a very gentle way and also showed me how the cards gave me hope for achieving the answer I'm hoping for in the future which, to me, is definitely more helpful than simply telling one what they want to hear. I love learning from her and I think she may be my new reader!


Pam gave me a couple other readings 4 years ago and now I’m back, looking for advice on some personal matter. Pam clarified the situation well and gave me really good advice. I’ll be be back soon, life is giving us so much homework, that it’s difficult to keep up with everything, and a good insight on certain situations is always welcome.


MANY THANKS TO YOU I felt very confused & fearful of the future. I'm on my own, it seemed all areas of my life were in turmoil. I've had three readings from you which covered all aspects and they helped show me clarity & light at the end of the tunnel, it was a weight lifted off my shoulders. Thank you so much x


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