21 - The World

The Fool journeys to The World and ends his journey through the Major Arcana on top of the world. Here he can start a new chapter in his life, turn the page, or, if he wishes, start a whole new book. The World gives him time to dance, feel liberated, and celebrate, as things have come full circle in his life. The Fool is now enjoying success, and he does so with passion, drive, and confidence. 

We find ourselves on top of the world; if not, we should aim for completion of those things about us that need "finishing."

Here we can win, or have won! Success is guaranteed. This card offers a continuation of the book of our lives and shows the start of a new chapter that is filled with drive, excitement, and joy, and we feel connected to all of who we are. As the new blank page is seen and felt, everything can be seen as clearly as possible.

We grasp our potential—wealth attracts wealth, success creates more success, etc.—and we can see how we can continue to grow. Here, we can now feel like we are walking on air.

Situations can go full circle, leaving us to see how far we have come and to start again with a clean slate, experience, and wisdom.

Luck is on our side right now; we feel gratitude deeply, which leaves us fulfilled, knowing that you have achieved something of value for yourself. What was set out to be done has been achieved.

Turn the page and write that first sentence.


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Testimonials - Clients Kind Words

This is probably the best reading I’ve ever had. Extremely accurate, your words are so precise. I can’t thank you enough.


Thank you so much for the reading Pam it was like you knew me and my situation. There was a lot of information to absorb and the more I read through it the more I took away from it. I am very grateful for your kindness and the very thorough reading which was absolute value for money. Thank you again x

Michal Caldwell

Thank you for shining the light. Pam just gave me that additional breath I needed with a long drawn out process. She really helped me stay positive and high hopes for the next days to come. I will be back! Thank you so much for your guidance. I would have spent the weekend with upside down smiles instead I’m positive thinking.


Brilliant readings. Very warm and the guidance was spot in. Very helpful and reassuring.


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