Seven of Wands

The Fool now journeys to the Seven of Wands and finds he suddenly has to stand up for what he believes in—a time when he has to defend his stance on an issue or his situation and place within his world. He may have to shout to be heard or to be taken seriously as the fame or adulation of the Six of Wands fades and he needs to put his foot down. He does not want to lose his footing in fear of the competition or opposition winning.

Now is the time to assert our views and fight for what we believe in.

Often we can be caught off guard and feel unprepared to defend ourselves, so we need to think on our feet and stand strong, having faith in our own abilities, views, and wishes, and not allow others to disrespect, disregard, or challenge our place within situations without a fight, be it a few words or a major shift in how you say "no" to someone or a group and get your point across in a constructive manner.

At this time, value your own views and realise that your view of a situation differs from others' and that what you see unfolding may not be seen by others, so express yourself as clearly as you can as the experiences of others will differ.

Approach such situations with enthusiasm, some gusto, and vigour! Maintain your values even if you are anxious and under pressure to conform. Stand up for what you believe in and for what is yours; let your views be known!

You can find that competition is at the heart of tensions; some may want to be where you are and topple you, so believe in yourself.

Don't let others knock you down and avoid doing the same.


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The Seven of Wands. Why is he wearing odd shoes?

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Testimonials - Clients Kind Words

Hi Pam....what a lovely reading ...not in the aspect of someone coming in to sweep me off my but I loved the detail and honesty in it. I have to say you are my favorite reader by far. Thanks so much. You are great :)


Thank you for the reading Hi PamThank you so much for the reading.From start to finish you were supportive and helped me in deciding which was the best reading,without pushing me into either.The reading itself was easy to read and understand and with dates/times.I look forward to see how everything pans out...thank you again.Gail

Gail A

I purchased this book (Understanding Tarot) on my kindle and so glad I did.It has been so helpful goes into depth about each card and there meanings. I would highly recommend.

Jacqueline Hannaway

Thank you Pam Pam did a couple of readings for me, which were accurate and insightful, enabling me to make decisions about my way forward feeling more confident about the future. Looking back everything she said made sense and was really valuable ! Pam has been generous with her time and extra explanations when needed, empathetic while truthful and I can feel the loving care through her work. Thank you Pam , hope to talk with you more as life unfolds.


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