Six of Wands

The Fool journeys to the Six of Wands and finds success. Congratulations are in order, as he has won! A goal has brought him rewards, which others applaud him for. He can both celebrate and be celebrated by others, as his success is recognised by those with whom he shares his life and even by those with whom he does not, as his news spreads out into the world. The Fool can take pride in his achievements and happily show off what he has gained. A well-earned victory!

Well done! You have succeeded and won. On whatever level, you have broken through a barrier and achieved something that makes you feel a deep sense of happiness and personal pride, and others may join in the applause.

You have acted on your ideas, you have used your creativity and ideas, and your luck and opportunities have panned out very well. If not, keep going!

Others may well applaud your accomplishments, and your hard work will be acknowledged. Right now, you can congratulate yourself, but do keep your feet on the ground.

You can allow yourself to feel very proud and optimistic for the future. This high will not last long, so use it to fuel you for what comes next. Keep looking forward so that you can maintain your success and confidence. If your victory is big and the whole world knows about it, or if it is big to you and within your mind, embrace it. 

You may find yourself front and centre; enjoy it. Be proud of yourself.


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