Ten of Cups

Now The Fool journeys to the Ten of Cups and finds his "happily ever after". His happiness is guaranteed! He can rejoice in his good fortune and share that happiness with others. Everything is positive for The Fool; he is enjoying emotional security, commitment, and unconditional love. Forgiveness, happiness, and contentment are all about The Fool, as he enjoys all of the good things you can have emotionally in life.

Here we find a time when life feels carefree, we feel satisfaction and sincerity about ourselves, and life is filled with enthusiasm. Everything flows with this card: emotions are heightened, they spread to others, and our happy state can create more happiness. Home, family, friendship, or any area of life where happiness is found is going very well.

We find our lives full of love; everything is harmonious. We feel secure, safe, loved, and wanted as our dreams come true, bestowing blessings on us, and leaving us brimming over with happiness.

Enjoy your emotional life, share it with all of those who add to it, and be unconditional and offer emotional security to all with whom you connect. Here is a time to trust, love, and grow with others to create a better future. 

Everyone is pulling in the same direction; everyone is in agreement, and now is the time to really grow together with others, as there is sincerity within our home lives, our relationships, and our families, as here commitment is found and acted on.

Unexpectedly, joy and happiness can appear, like a miracle out of the blue, and life can change for the better, enriching your sense of well-being and making you extremely happy.

Miracles can happen.


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Testimonials - Clients Kind Words

Pam is extremely thoughtful and thorough. She puts great care in how she explains things especially sensitive matters. I've had a few readings from her that were very accurate. I look forward to future readings.


Hi Pam, thank you so much for the reading!Thank you for your help,Diana


Thank you x I just wanted to give you feedback as you were so spot on. Many thanks Pam - as always, you are such a gem xx


Pam just had the flowiest words. Every paragraph of the reading was very understandable and I can say very accurate.
Thank You Pam!


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