Two of Wands

The Fool journeys to the Two of Wands. With his first wand safe and secure, he is restless for more movement and growth, so The Fool looks to the future, wanting to expand and push out into new areas. Potential needs to be expressed by action to see how far it can be taken, and he impatiently feels that the horizon ahead should be stepped into to see how far he can expand his goals, as he feels that the world is in his hands and for the taking.

Here, we know what we have already achieved, yet we want more; what we have is not enough or needs adding to, and we find ourselves restless and still fuelled by ambition. Seeing opportunities and openings to gain, grow, and improve.

We find that restlessness niggles at us; we need action and are seriously considering how to move forward. Pros and cons draw a list in our minds; we have control over what we have, but the next step compels us to seek improvement.

Thinking and planning are one thing, but wands need movement and active changes, and this can make us impatient while our minds balance out our needs and desires.

When we wonder about others in our lives and if more can be built, then yes, potential is available. We can build here and develop more for our futures.

Grow and improve your lot to keep it safe and well, or start afresh now that you know what you want—either way, a decision is brewing.


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Testimonials - Clients Kind Words

Thank you so much Pam for this, very helpful :)Love,Liana


Pam has always given me very insightful readings. Sometimes when I get my hopes up too high I know I can come to her for a dose of realism. She explains situations and people clearly and helps me know how best to move forward in a more realistic way. It has helped me avoid disappointment when things don't turn out as I'd like or move as smoothly as I would wish. Highly recommend! Thank you again Pam!


I ordered a book (Understanding Tarot) online, but it was taking too long to get here. Ends up Amazon has it for Kindle as well and it’s on sale right now. I bought the kindle addition and oh, my goodness! If you don’t have this book, you’ll want to get it. Every card is described in great detail and so much information about tarot. I can’t wait to dive into the book! Thank you Pam Richards for sharing your knowledge with everyone. I won’t need anymore tarot books or manuals now.

Sharon Lamb

Pam is Amazing!
I have used her several times and she is always accurate and is able to guide me in the right direction. I would recommend her to anyone that needs clarity with a situation. Thanks again Pam!


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