Curses, & why I do not believe in them

Curses, & why I do not believe in them

Added on 10 March 2021

Today I had a conversation with someone who had visited a healer. She stated the healer had asked if she wanted a curse placed on her ex-husband, which she was considering. I told her that it would be a waste of time, as curses do not exist.

She was shocked by my beliefs. After all, I am a psychic & a healer, & in that role, it is expected that I would hold such ideas.

I will start by saying that curses only work if there is a belief that they work, i.e., you need faith or fear in them first – not as the curser, but as the receiver. They are mind games. This, of course, means that you cannot curse in private to cause-effect - you must choose someone who:

1: believes they work

& 2: you can tell or deliver to them & it then works via that person’s expectations, not by the power of magic or anything else.

Nature of Spirit

Let’s start with the nature of Spirit. You are spirit, and the energies around you are as well.

Spirit comes in vibrations of purity, although all are pure in one sense or another. Negative energies do not hang about like the media might make us believe. Any energy which is low, or still learning its spiritual nature, will be alone in its journey, surrounded by Guides of its own. It will not be wandering, creating havoc in the Amityville sense of things. It will be loved, cared for & guided just as we are. People may like to think that such energies can do human bidding, but I do not believe they can. Evil lies within the human mind, words & actions.

We view Spirit actions by human standards, which leads us very far from the path. We presume they feel & think as we do, whereas they do not. Hate, anger & the need for vengeance are human qualities. 

Spirit's nature is to guide, direct, teach, and love. You may think I am mad for not giving space to evil entities. Obviously, they exist? Yet, in my mind, they do not. Over the last thirty plus years working with Spirit the only evil, pain & punishment I have seen has come directly from the minds of those suffering.

Energy System

Energy systems also need to be looked at, as maybe they are suggesting sending a curse energetically? 

You have an energy system, & so does the person you may wish to see cursed. This energy system consists of a Higher Self, aura, chakras etc. & Guides, a whole army of them. Nothing gets through unless it is welcomed in – either for healing, growth, or the learning of a lesson. You're quite safe from outside energies. You are a little powerhouse of energy – so for that matter is any person you wish to see cursed. You can send love or hate via energy. It will only be accepted if the person takes it in mentally. As mentioned, it is all psychological. Energy-wise, they do say that what is not wanted or used will come back to the sender. If you ask someone to do your bidding, do not think you're safe from this return policy.

The Psychic & Healer

The mindset of the person who wants to deal with curses etc. is also to be questioned.

If someone is all love & light, how can they be dark? Love in one hand – Hate in the other, it just does not gel. It is a contradiction. If someone wishes to show you love, but throw hate at another, you should find another Psychic to visit. It is judgement, an unconditional presumption that they can oversee the rules of nature, that they know more than the grand design, & a human view of a spiritual world.

This may be due to a belief that they are cleansing the client – cutting ties for them, but links with others can only be broken by the client when their mind is in the right place. It could only help the client to have another cursed as it may make them feel empowered, again another purely psychological element. Healing cannot be forced by a curse or any other form of negative action. Negative actions such as these simply keep the knot tied within the mind as problems are focused on & clung to. Nothing is learned, as hurting someone for an injustice is of importance to them.

Such actions can have detrimental results. If something does happen to the cursed person, the person who has asked or agreed for it to be cast, can feel immense guilt, regret & worry Or, even fear what may come back to them, if they have upset God or their own chances of happiness. If nothing bad occurs to the cursed person, they may doubt their importance, that God or spirit does not love them, & that they are cursed themselves. Once a curse is set in motion, it is a coincidence that determines how the customer is left feeling or anything which happens.

The ego of the curse caster may also be in question – do they wish you to be indebted to them? Feel in awe of them? Why do they wish to hurt others? Regardless of how they view their ability to curse or if they are real or not, they are willing to allow the client to believe that they can control another’s happiness with projected negativity. If you are on the reversed, paying someone to remove a curse, you are in essence paying them to give you a more hopeful outlook via not taking responsibility for the things going wrong in your life. 

So, you say, yes but I know they work, so & so had one & his dog died etc ... If you do not know you have been cursed, & then find out you have been, or are told so, you can pin all sorts of bad luck on such. If you know you have been cursed you will be looking for bad luck, the same as if you think you may have been. Yet the bad luck would have been there all the same. What happens in our lives have been building before they happen, our choice, actions & all we do & all we interact with direct our pathways. Curse or no curse, it is only coincidence that makes it feel as if it has affected us, as they only work on a mental level. Of course, things happen out of the blue, always have, always will – to presume that someone you have had cursed has suffered at the hands of fate, will again, be a coincidence.

The last words I said to the lady today was, why is love not offered to be sent instead of a curse? When energy is sent it must be accepted, love heals faster than hate. In Buddhism there is a meditation called Loving Kindness, it is a heart meditation that cultivates compassion, heals the mind & the heart. This is a far better action to take as if it is the self who is worked upon.

If energy is to be also sent & love is rejected, I know I would rather get my love back than my hate. Wouldn’t you?

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